best full hd webcam I believe that the above-mentioned curses are very popular in Russia.
Therefore, they considered.
What is the result? For requests for a month, the leader is the word “cunt.”
The word “ass” on the 2nd place, and “dick” on the third.

I guess this is the result of the economic crisis.
If we take by the number of pages found, then the “ass” is a clear leader, and the “dick” and “pussy” are even inferior to her.
Again, everything is logical.
About the ass say often.
For example: “Hands grow from assholes” – an incompetent person.
“Freak – In the ass feet” – Ugly man or inept (or both).
“Compared an ass with a finger” – Compare disparate things.
“Go to hell” – to send roughly someone.
“Spit to the priests – a beautiful, thick and long spit.
But – “feet from the ears, feet from the teeth.”
Although the legs are just closer to the ass.
“Full ass” – Bad life situation.
“Ass with ears” -the abuse is applicable in any situation where one person is unhappy with another.
“Eye on the ass stretch” – a virtual threat.
“Ass with a handle” (see
ass with ears).
“Old Ass” – a curse applicable to the elderly.

In general, curses are sometimes difficult to understand.
It has long been known that a foreigner will never “get it”, why “fucking” is bad, “pizdato” is good, and “okhuitelno” is even better (for example, twice a time) than “pizdato.”
In the same way, “everything is covered with cunt” is illogical.
“Ass” would have covered everything much more reliable.
Anecdote about the ass.
“A teacher at school draws an apple on a blackboard.
Disciple: Is that what? Ass? The teacher, crying, runs to the director and incoherently complains: -They: there: on the blackboard: ass: Director: -Yes, do not worry you.
Come on.
-Rear, bend over. korean model selling sex caught on hidden cam 33
, Ltd!!! Yes, you have a rose here! – This is for you doctor.
! “- Doctor, I have something in the ass.
-Rear, bend over.
yes you have a newspaper there! -True?! – Not.
“” Thai faith – Ass happened.
Buddhism – If the ass happened – in reality it is not the ass.

Hinduism – This asshole happened before.
Mormons – This ass still happens.
Stoicism – This ass is for my benefit only.
Islam – If the ass happened – it means that it was the will of Allah.
Catholicism – Ass happened because you were bad.
Calvinism – Ass happened because we did not work hard enough.
Protestantism – Let this ass happen to someone else.
Krishna – Ass happened.
Atheism – Woo, ass! Existentialism – What is ass, in essence? Rastafarianism – Let’s beat the joint of this asshole! Subjective solipsism – Ass – it’s me! Objective solipsism – Ass is you! Pessimism – Ass permanent! She was, is and will be.
Nietzsche – The ass happened only made me stronger.
Gestalt approach – And what do I care about this ass.
🙂 “That’s all, actually, about the ass.
“All rifts, yes rifts – Send them to the address! I don’t have a map for this place, – I am sailing ahead along the outline.

»(Alexander Gorodnitsky) Chusovaya is one of the picturesque rivers of the Middle Urals, there are many small shallows on it (the local name is overkill), they are easily overcome.
There and decided to go three friends – engineers.
Actually, the initiator was an avid kayaker Pasha, Sasha had previously been with him in the campaigns, but Arkasha went on a water trip for the first time.
Pasha took a canoe – a triple “Salute”, a tent, sleeping bags, documents, food and strong drinks were loaded into backpacks.
Tourists prefer vodka of strong drinks, and without these same drinks you are not even a tourist, much less a water tourist, and some kind of asshole.
Sasha took the guitar, in the evenings of the song to push, suddenly the women tourists will fly like butterflies into the light.
Friends arrived by train from Moscow to Ekaterinburg, then by train to Kaurovka station.
From the railway station Kaurovka to Chusovoy very close.

By evening, the kayak was on the water.
Ahead, as the smallest, sat Arkasha.
His duties, in addition to rowing, included pushing the pedals, connected by cables with a steering wheel, to make the turn of the kayak faster.
In the center sat Pasha.
As the most experienced, keen and high, he had to see the approaching danger – rolls.
He was required to give time to the command of the helmsman and to work with the oars if the kayak had been run aground.
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