free online webcam show And you can’t wear underwear, ”as I said, I blushed like a cancer.
– Panties and bras are prohibited.
– But I’m not a subject of your kingdom, and in general, how can I sit here naked booty, then it is not quite clean! – Then you need to either not sit down at all or sit down on a man, – this method was not invented by me – I read it in “KM”, and he always excited me.
“Is it that whenever I want to sit down, should I sit down on a man?” “Well, yes, there is such a law in the kingdom: if the Mistress wants to sit down, a man should make her a bench or chair on demand.

– Madam? And why Madam? – All men in the kingdom must fulfill the demands of women.
This is also our law.
– It is very interesting! So you must fulfill all my requirements too? “If you become a subject kingdom, then without question!” – And how can she become? – she smiled.
– It is necessary to obey all the laws of the kingdom, that’s all.
That is, now you need to take off your underpants, because you haven’t put on your bra, right?

She quietly took off her pants and put them on a log: – So, make me a bench! I got on all fours and said: – This is a bench, sit down, Madam! – she was going to sit down as usual, pressing her skirt to her legs, but I immediately rebelled: – Madam, you must sit down correctly! You are now subject to the kingdom! – she sat down and, moving a little, said: – What does a highchair look like? I sat down and put my hands on the ground, with my head thrown back: “The chair is ready, Madam!” I need to sit on the face. two girls masturbating on webcam
The sight of the magnificent well-groomed ass falling on my face almost drove me crazy! Her crotch was without a single hair, so alluring and attractive! She sat neatly and correctly even without my reminders.
Having settled down more comfortably, she raised her skirt in front and, looking at me, asked: – Well, is it not hard for you? – I shook my head.
“You know, the chair is much more comfortable than a bench, and it’s more pleasant to sit.”
She got up and said: – Yes, I will use a high chair, it is much more convenient.

Only next time do the height a little smaller.
– Yes, Madam, as you say.
“You can stand up,” somehow it turned out by itself that she began to give orders, and I immediately execute them — it was some kind of tacit agreement.
– Take off the stud: I like the dick between my legs more! I quickly and honed movement removed member, and he took his usual place.
Then I could safely remove the penis by the leg, even when there was a strong erection.
– Come on, take a walk in the park, today is such a good weather! – Yes, Madam, only I have to run for the clothes, I hid it here very close, I instantly! – I already rushed to the path, but she grabbed my hand: – Well, wait!
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