hp webcam center Behind the muddy window, some dude-like guy, twirling a chain with car keys on his finger, with his other hand was dragging a short fat little girl in a white raincoat on the platform.
She resisted, trying to explain something to him.
Glancing indifferently at them, I opened the newspaper bought in a hurry at the station.
The doors hissed.

The train started moving.
Tired eyes could no longer read.
Running through the newspaper pages, we stopped only in the pictures.
At the next turn, the fashion model opened up in an unimaginable posture, probably trying to seduce her childishly underdeveloped, but already drooping breasts almost half the world.
Further consideration of this nonsense was prevented by someone’s mocking glance.
I looked up.
Oppositely sat that fat woman in a white raincoat.
Huge olive eyes blinked coquettishly on the newspaper: – Like? – Highly.
I took a closer look at my unexpected companion.
Chubby, thick-faced, she actually was nothing.

“And my heel was going to walk separately,” she showed the crippled sandals.
Taking it, I unbent a rusty nail and hit the bench with a sole on the bench, putting the crooked heel in place.
– Nothing comes to the house, – I returned the sandals mistress.
– No, it will not come.
Far away, the big olive eyes blinked again.
– Well, if without complexes, you can come to me.
Not far from here.
And then we overhaul the overhaul, surprised at myself, I continued to examine the fellow traveler.
“My name is Marina,” her eyes blinked again.
“I thought so.”
I am Nikolai.
– Why? – eyes stared in surprise. hp webcam center
– Why is Nikolai? – I definitely liked my eyes.
– No, why did you think that my name is Marina? – eyes already began to laugh.
– And all the beautiful girls – Marina.
We burst out laughing.
– By the way, my next stop is, – I tried to notice at least some kind of reaction in my eyes – So what are we sitting at? – eyes did not even flinch.
– And the one at the station, who is he? – already jumping over the puddles, trying to be indifferent, I asked.

And so, – she waved, taking my arm.
Opening the door of my bachelor apartment and turning on the light, I tried to look at it more closely.
But she resolutely went ahead and started talking loudly already from the kitchen: “I don’t want tea.”
If you can, wash yourself, and during this time you will repair the heel.
Pinning the ill-fated heel and passing into the kitchen, I looked into the slightly open bathroom door.
If you say that what I saw turned me over, it means to say nothing.
The hiss turned on the shower.
She threw back her arms, stood at the mirror with her back to the door and pinched her hair.
Two metal hooks glistened on a black bra.
Black belt covered full hips.
From his gum went to the stockings.
That’s it to the stockings! In my life I have only taken pantyhose for women.
I think that stockings are no longer worn at all.
In any case, I met this only in the movies.
And on top of it all, just sassy white panties stood out with a narrow strip.

I have a heavy belly.
I did not even notice how I was near.
I stroked her back with a trembling hand.
She turned sharply and went limp, and then immediately dug into my lips.
A plump mouth caressed through, sucking my tongue.
Clutching my hands to my shoulders, she pressed herself against me, then pulled away.
Breasts gurgled under her bra.
They were cramped.
They asked for freedom.
They simply demanded to be released.
I unbuckled both hooks in one motion, and they broke out.
Full, juicy, they shamelessly stared pink nipples in different directions.
My mouth was dry.
I gently wrapped my lips around a swollen nipple.
She moaned and stiffened.
Sliding my hands over my thighs, I slowly began to take off her panties while trying to take off my clothes.
But it was not there.
She allowed to undress herself gently but firmly did not let me do it.
Oh, what a flour it was.
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