webcam family sex tube For your audacity, creature, you will pay heavily, you will fill the punishment of today for a long time.
She struck her fist into the solar plexus of the slave.
Sergey has developed in half, he tried to collect in the lungs.
air to ease the pain.

But he did not have time to do this, as the second blow followed.
Julia with a force for the hair raised his head and strongly and sharply dropped on his knee.
From severe pain and pain shock, the slave fell to the floor.
Immediately a hail of blows struck him, the shoes of the Hostess.
They beat, not deciding where, for them he was just a thing, they did not care about the health of the slave, but tried to satisfy their sadistic inclinations.
Yulia tried to hit the slave more often, at first Sergei tried to cover the body as possible, but his hands were beaten off, he overcame a painful shock, already lost consciousness and could not hide from the blows, he didn’t care where his teachers were going.
The girls are sick of beating a slave.

Vick is enough for him, and then we’ll kill him and the whole buzz will break off, we need to make fun of him even more sophisticatedly.
You’re a girlfriend, let’s drink some wine, but for now, I personally, raised a slave, was tired.
The dog that sprawled quickly poured wine to us.
Sergey tried to get on his feet, but he did not do well.
He was completely shaky, he put his hands on the floor, then he got on his knees, he was shaking, he could not keep his balance and collapsed again on the floor.
His awkwardness only angered his Lady.
Victoria walked over to the man lying on the floor, kicked him in the side with the pointed toe of her shoes, then put the shoe on his face and pressed hard.
Slave, you, that did not hear what you were told, today you finally brought me out of myself.
Quickly got up and serviced.
Sergey, as he could, concentrated, barely knelt and crawled to the table. cams sex here
He rose from his knees, poured wine into glasses for the girls, and again knelt down.

Vika ordered a slave: While we drink wine, lick us the soles of shoes, and while we punished you, they were soiled about your nasty body.
Start licking from Julia.
They drank wine, Sergey diligently licked the sole of Yulin’s slippers.
It is better to lick, so that on the sole there is not even the slightest mote.
I will check how you coped with your honorable duty.
Vic, you indulge your slave to earn the honor of kissing the soles of my shoes, my slaves have to really try.
Nothing can be done, my kindness will destroy me.
Sergey licked the soles of Yulin’s shoes.
She ordered to remove from her feet, first one and then another shoe and give it to her.
After a meticulous examination of them, she did not find any flaws and was satisfied with the work of the slave, but did not tell him.
The slave went on to lick his mistress’s shoes.
He tried to make his Mistress too pleased with his efforts, and he did it.
Well, that Yul, let’s go continue the punishment.

Slave, quickly fasten the leash and give me.
Sergey on his knees crawled behind the leash and brought him in his teeth and gave it to the Lady.
So much better, but he decided to make a reservation.
Victoria and her guest rose from the table and went to the basement, to the room for torture.
Victoria walked and pulled a slave on a leash like a dog.
Now Yul, you will look at my room for punishment, but at the same time you will try everything in practice.
Here we come.
They approached the room, Victoria turned on the lights.
The room was reddish-black.
It was a huge room, there were many machines and torture devices, both modern and those that came from the Middle Ages, but were made by modern masters.
There were all kinds of whips, whips, shackles, handcuffs and other equipment hanging on the walls.
Also there was a keg, with rods soaked in it.
You have an impressive arsenal, there are even rods soaked.
The rods are always soaked, although I use them not so often, but once every two weeks, we go with a slave into the forest, and he updates the rods, and he himself prepares them, and then I check them.

The rods should be always at hand, suddenly I want to punish them with an animal.
The slave is constantly looking to ensure that they are well soaked.
Now we will take advantage of them.
I agree with you, Yulenka, the more misconduct he made serious.
Crawl, dog to the machine.
How are we going to punish? – Vick asked Yulia.
I think we will not bother clearing his rods, but so that the skin to tear off.
Sergey crawled to the machine, he inserted his head and hands into the slot, the Mistress closed the second half of the board, so the slave turned out to be completely immobilized, but his ass was completely open.
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