bongacams pinkpanterka You feel embarrassed, you think about what he thinks about you since you went to this, and what if he tells his friends about it, and they tell someone else.
So while continuing to scroll through different scenarios from which the heart begins to beat faster, you wait for it, because it will mean the end of your loneliness and anxiety.
Thanks to this painful expectation from a person who is guilty of your torment, he becomes a liberator, who must come and put an end to your loneliness and anxiety.
You think about how it is not fair that he is somewhere there doing his business.

The fact that he will come and take advantage of you seems outrageous to you and you do not understand what was guided by when you went to this.
And only the consciousness coming from the depths is not yet sure and it is not clear what caused the excitement, tells you that you are on the right path.
This is perceived with some surprise.

You start asking yourself questions about whether this is normal.
You want to know how many more girls, allow others to do this to themselves.
But over time, your body gets tired more and more, you start to wait for it more and more.
From the absence of light and sound, you would like that someone, as soon as possible, touched you, spoke.
You are ready to do anything.
The steps are somewhere near, you are terribly pleased with him, or the fact that your agonizing wait is complete, now you cannot understand.
He touches your cheek, lifts his head under the chin, as if he wants to look you in the eye.
He considers you, and you are defenseless under his gaze.
He strokes your head, neck, as if in gratitude for the wait.
And you forgive him everything and your tired body and doubts that have visited you all this time.
This does not last long, he knows why he came, and does not like to wait long if he wants something.

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And you are glad to be an instrument of his pleasure.
You hear how the fly is unbuttoned, he says open your mouth.
You obediently do it.
And he puts in your mouth is not yet fully excited member.
You start sucking him a little, listening to your feelings.
For some reason you start to think about how you now look from the side.
You get excited.
You start to suck more actively.
He likes.
The member has already stood up completely, you are not very comfortable and you do not know what to do with it, but he takes your head in his hands and sets the pace.
You did not think that you can get so much pleasure from being fucked in your mouth.
For some time his pleasure becomes the main goal of your life.
In spite of fatigue and inconvenience, you listen to his breath trying to make it so that he finished as quickly as possible.
Finally, he slows down, almost completely pulls the penis out of your mouth and starts to cum.

You are in no hurry to swallow – he has already explained the rules to you.
He pulls a dick.
You raise your head up, and show the contents of the mouth, what a pity that you do not see his face, maybe he laughs.
You feel ashamed again, but you, like an obedient girl, hold your head.
He thrills you through your hair and allows you to swallow sperm.
You swallow and lick.
He takes off his mask and helps you understand.
You squint and try not to look into his eyes.
You are ashamed and happy.
You know that now you deserve to fuck you, really.
– Well.
The music is turned off.
And man.
– Well, you and.
– I.
I will.
Lick them.
– Mmmm.
The girl woke up.
She dreamed she was safe in her bed.
Reaching, she opened her eyes and found that she was not at home, but in a room that was completely alien to her.
Standing up, she looked around the room around her.
She was white and completely unfurnished.

A distinctive feature of this room were two doors.
On one was a sign denoting a bathroom.
Another led into this world of horror.
Leaping out of bed quickly, she tried to find something under the mattress or bed that she could use as a weapon.
Finding nothing, she tried to search the bathroom.
Unfortunately the bathroom was empty.
Coming out of the bathroom, she discovered the presence of Jerry and several other men in white coats in the room.
“What do you want?” “Come with us, darling,” said Jerry.
She was given an injection of sleeping pills and after a few minutes, the metamorphosis began to take place with her, which would change her life forever.
bongacams pinkpanterka