free sex cam gay It seemed that this scene went on for ages – as the girls wanted to use the toilet.
Poor Liza, in the morning did not have time to go to pee, as she was late for lectures.
She remembered that she did not jump into the toilet at the very moment when she was taking the bus to the institute.
And there she almost never wrote, as shy public toilets.

She had gone from her school, where, in order to combat smoking, there were no doors in the closets in the latrines, and in some places there were not even these partitions.
Anya eased in the morning, but at the institute she drank a lot of water, ate soup in the dining room, and after classes went for a walk, where she drank a half liter of juice. webcam live sex hd
Finally, the girls finished writing.
Liza, as usual, began to pretend to be small again and whispered all sorts of nonsense in her ear.
Anya stroked Lisa through her hair, then moved to her shoulders and back.
Lisa answered her in return.
They slightly rubbed each other’s pussy, then they kissed on the lips – very lightly, without a tongue, almost a friendly kiss, after which they got up and went to change clothes.
Lisa soaked through her dark blue jeans, while Anya, in addition to her panties, got wet skirt.
Girlfriends rinsed in the shower, after which Anya threw a dressing gown over her naked body, and another gave Lisa.
Suddenly, the girl remembered what her friend had told her at the bus stop then: – Listen, Anh, what did you want to show me wanted such an interesting thing? Anka caught fire in her eyes, a playful smile appeared on her face and she said: – Come on, I’ll show you now! free sex cam gay