amateur webcam sex videos My daughter is also beautiful.
Her height is 170 cm and the breast is slightly smaller than mine, but there is a solid 4.
In the summer we celebrated the wedding of our daughter and Alexander, and they went to the sea for 20 days.
When they returned home, they brought us presents and we began to look at the photos.

There were a lot of photos and a lot of photos where they are on the beach.
I admired the photos and their figures.
We decided that they would live with us.
We have a large two bedroom apartment and enough space for everyone.
So we live in harmony with the husband, my husband and I are in one room, and the children are in another.
When the husband drank, he slept in the kitchen.
We have a sofa there, and it doesn’t bother anyone.
When I could not sleep for a long time, I sometimes heard my daughter moaning.
This is normal, because they are young and have to deal with sex.
My husband once or twice a month molested me and I also had sex.
But when I wanted sex, I had to caress myself.
I got used to it and behaved calmly.

In the evenings, my daughter did homework in her room, and her son-in-law was watching TV in our room. free gay hidden camera porn
When I came home tired, I went to bed early.
I took a bath and climbed into bed, while my son-in-law allowed me to watch TV.
He did not bother me, and I always quickly fell asleep.
At night, I get up, wake up and go to the kitchen to drink some water.
So now I woke up and went to the kitchen.
Coming out of the room, I again heard the moans of my daughter.
I stood for a while, listened and went to the kitchen.
In the kitchen she glanced at her watch.
The clock showed one in the morning.
I drank some water and went into the room.
Returning to bed, I also wanted sex.
She could not wake up her husband and therefore began to masturbate.
I hurt my breasts.
Fingered nipples.
She licked her lips and lowered her hand under her nightgown.
Groped klitorok and began to pull at him.
I finished very quickly.
But I wanted more.
I continued to caress myself and in the end I got an orgasm three times.
Then I fell asleep very quickly.

In the morning I talked to my daughter about groans, but she answered me quite right: – Mom, can you hold back emotions when it’s so good? I can not hold back, but I will try to be quiet.
Once I came back from work a little drunk.
We had a DR at a colleague.
The mood was beautiful.
In-law again brought flowers to me and my daughter.
We all sat at the table and decided to drink wine.
Of course, it seemed to my husband not enough and he began to drink vodka alone.
After dinner, my daughter went to teach, she had an exam in the morning, her son-in-law washed the dishes and came into the room to watch TV, while her husband stayed in the kitchen to drink vodka.
We watched a movie with our son-in-law.
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