mia6ix9ine bongacams And I firmly decided that I would try very hard that my mother made this room for my intimidation! And by no means will I be a frequent visitor to this terrible room, and maybe I will not at all! Naive! How I was mistaken! In subsequent years, I experienced all the “instruments of punishment.”
Of course, it was not often, but all of the straps and lash on the stand “walked” on my bottom.
Several times were whip.
I must say that whipping with any belt is painful, but much more merciful than a whipping rod.

Spin – it hurts terribly! “Brainwashing” of a syringe – scary, humiliating! But it does not hurt! That day I, naturally, was punished for all my “sins.” md80 mini dv camcorder dvr video recorder camera hidden webcam
I was very scared, I wanted to resist, and to persuade my mother, but I was scared of “double serving of punishment and a large enema.
So, my mother reminded me of my “successes”: 2 in English, 4 in English, 3 in math.
If we calculate the total, it turned out that I should get: 20 beats with a belt of my choice 50 beats with a black narrow strap 70 beats with a yellow thick woven belt, a total of 140 beats! mia6ix9ine bongacams