teen perfect body webcam After carefully examining the audience, Lisa noted to herself that there were a lot of men and only a few women.
Lisa did not wear a bra, so she turned her back to the audience when she wore a T-shirt.
One of the girls was wearing black shorts.
Therefore, she brought white panties (under the rules of the underwear could only be white – black could hide a wet spot).

When all the girls dressed according to the rules, the head judge explained the rules.
The contestants had one hour to drink three liters of water, but at least two liters should be drunk during the first half hour.
At the end of this hour, the timer will start counting, and any girl.
Which will be able to withstand three hours, will receive a million dollars.
If none of the girls can endure so much time, the most patient will receive $ 50,000 as the first prize.
During the entire time, girls were allowed to do anything to make it easier to endure.

They were allowed to rub themselves between their legs, press on the urethra, writhe, jump, etc.
, but every half hour they will have to stop for a few minutes to drink another 125 ml of water, so that the judges can feel them between their legs – everything is dry there.
Any wet speck, even the tiniest, would lead to disqualification.
Lisa was grateful to the judges at least for the fact that she did not need to stand motionless all the time.
Lisa slowly drank the water to stretch it a little longer.
Some girls drank a couple of glasses at once, but Lisa tried to drag out time.
Some girls also dragged on for as long as possible, and then in a gulp they drank the prescribed amount.
As the clock showed.
What took 25 minutes, Lisa quickly finished the second liter of water.
For the next fifteen minutes, none of the girls touched the water, deciding to delay it until the last minute.

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When only five minutes remained before the expiration of the first hour, Lisa drank all the water.
Her stomach was now very full, but her bladder was fine.
In total there were five judges – and among them only one woman.
Each of the judges had to follow the four contestants.
Liza’s judge was a polite middle-aged man who asked her to put her legs wide for a minute, then ran his hand between her legs, bladder squeezed lightly, nodded and passed on to the next girl.
As soon as the first check was over, each girl was given a small glass containing 125 ml of water, which they had to drink immediately.
The next half hour passed relatively quickly.
By the end, Lisa felt only dull pain from her bladder, and she was glad to see that the two girls were already tightly compressed and had difficulty tolerating.
Lisa stood, squeezing her legs and gazing at her stomach, expecting that she would soon want to go to the toilet.

Since half an hour had passed, she stood and understood that she still didn’t really want to piss, but under normal circumstances she would have started looking for the nearest toilet.
Her check passed quickly, although Liza slightly shuddered at the time when the judge carefully felt her bladder.
Lisa had to drink 125 ml of cold water again, and she desperately wanted to go to the toilet.
It happened very quickly, a minute ago she was fine, but now she really wanted to pee.
Her hand instinctively reached for the crotch, and Lisa squeezed herself between her legs.
She was not the only girl who wanted to go to the toilet – her two rivals were already at the limit of their capabilities and, judging by their appearance, were ready to refuse further participation.
Liza was a little on the stage and looked at her watch – it was only 45 minutes from three hours, and Lisa’s bladder was urgently demanding emptying.

To win $ 1,000,000, she would have to wait even more than two hours and drink half a liter of water.
When one hour out of three had passed, Lisa could feel that her bladder had increased even more.
She lifted her shirt and stared at her tight belly, which bulged almost to the navel.
Her right hand was still squeezing the crotch, but soon the judge approached, and Lisa had to stand up straight and spread her legs.
Her judge smiled because he saw that it was difficult for Lisa to stand still.
Again he ran a hand between her legs, but everything was dry there.
After that, the judge with two thumbs held along the contour of her bladder, starting from the navel, and lightly pressed her belly.
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