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And I.
It rained tirelessly for the fourth day in a row.
Outside the window it was cold, dark and uncomfortable, which perfectly corresponded to the early morning of the last autumn month. young black teen webcam
Andrei stood by the window, and with him an iron stake stood his dick.
Sex wanted incredibly.
It was already the third month as a freshman student at one of the physics and mathematics institutions of higher learning in the capital, but, despite his visual appeal, his natural timidity did not allow him to enter into relationships with anyone and say goodbye to her virginity.

He could not get a room in a hostel, but an old mother’s friend, Olga, unexpectedly came to the aid of a modest family budget.
Her daughter was now studying for an artist in St. webcam babe anal Petersburg, and the empty room was transferred to Andrei’s temporary use.
Olga has been divorced with her husband for several years, but she supervised herself.
At 44, she looked much younger.
The skin remained taut and tender, thick curly brown hair below the shoulders were arranged in a spectacular hairstyle, brown eyes remained surprisingly young and cheerful.
With a height of just above 160, she had a round strong booty, gorgeous hips, a narrow waist and a small neat chest.
Constantly stylish and beautiful clothes harmoniously emphasized its dignity.
Easy, good-natured nature made Olga an excellent companion and a pleasant neighbor.
She did not take the men home, but sometimes on Andrey’s nights it seemed that he hears muffled, reserved moans of a woman from behind a wall.

At such nights, the young man slowly, but thoroughly, rubbed his trunk, giving vent to fantasies, presenting instead of hands that hot juicy vagina of Olga, the soft neat mouth, until the unwary moan of a woman brought him to a frenzy, and a tight white jet burst out, bringing temporary peace and deep sleep.
And at the same time, behind the wall, on her very broad bed, night after night, naked Olga, with a prudently tied mouth, supporting her legs under her knees with her left hand, rightly rhythmically sinking into herself a flexible embossed dildo, imagining a young pretty neighbor to drill tirelessly her young strong member, holding his hand over his mouth.
It is good that the bandage holds back moans and it is possible to indulge in pleasure so shamefully and sweetly, stretching and filling up the holes that have been longing for the hard living flesh, without fear of being heard.
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