uvc 1 3 m webcam This time Irina made no sound.
She won.
No, it is not milked, but it allows milking.
The body went warm, Irina felt like flowing.

Soon panties get wet.

How good she is.
I looked at my husband.
How she wanted to mate.
And let it be with Lena, and without stopping the milking process.
She flowed, she flew away.
She was happy.
Cow, cow, COW !!! Soon it was all over.
Lena removed the bucket, freed Irina.
The woman wanted to finish, she was ready to lift up her skirt and put her hand in her panties.
Right now.
The cows are not ashamed of anything.
But Irina did not want to give such pleasure to Elena.
The gaze of the girl was lost and surprised, and Irina beamed.
Gave a leash to her husband.
Elena has written something in the folder.
Igor asked for milk to be given to the children and slowly, like a ghost, he dragged along behind his wife. uvc 1 3 m webcam
Irina returned things.
Olga invited them to the clinic again.
In the car, Irina stuck to her husband.
– Spare your cow.
– Did you like it? – Highly.
Love you.
When will we go next time for milking?

Igor smiled and kissed his wife.
Irina was happy.
She became a cow.
I would be glad.

Caressing, crushing her, and then stooping down and taking her pink nipple to her lips.
Olga gasped, arched, exposing my chest, and put her arm around the neck.
And froze like that.
Android android, but something in her brain clicked.
After a while she apparently got tired of it.
She stirred on my lap and asked: – Allow me to remove the plates from the table.
The rest of the evening, Olga again watched soap operas on TV and at the same time leafed through a cookbook.
I just thumbed through, but I learned the whole text from cover to cover — I checked it later, I remembered all the recipes.
I went to the yard: something to fix in the passage.
After a while I go into the room and see: Olga is lying on the floor – her legs are spread, her knees are raised and she looks into her external genitals in the mirror.
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