a1ice red bongacams In front of the mirror, I once leaned over cancer, and for the first time in my life I saw myself in it.
She smiled at the reflection, twirled before him and thought, admiring her bright way: I am beautiful, there is no doubt that Lunolika is cute and my skin, like in childhood, is dazzlingly white.
Buttocks, like a peach, are appetizing and tender, why should they live in their underpants in their underpants? Why do I hide that shame in me? The face looks older than me almost doubly.
I am prettier and younger, there is not a single wrinkle, for me it is unlikely that anyone will know how old I was.

Tired of me hiding and being part of the rear, why not change, I have a headache !? The head was not opposed to giving way to the ass, she was too lazy to strain and move her brains. a1ice red bongacams
She decided to relax and take care of herself, giving the ass the right to take all the decisions.
Ass began to rule, to think instead of the head, but she had no brains for this matter, alas.
She was able to promise, but she could not perform.

In trouble and trouble, she immediately involved.
My life went down the drain, rolled down the slope.
Ass did not know how to think, only verbal diarrhea.
The head at that time drank vodka and wine, hung on the Internet, watching an adult movie.
She did what she did, rested from cares, without being loaded, that my ass was leading me in the wrong direction.
And she harnessed herself in everything, dragging me, looking for her resilient adventures on her bright face.
And in the end I lost my job and housing, I lost my temper from my friends, the family fell apart.
I got into a dead-end mess, there’s nowhere else to go, and I had to go with her in the bins, to be homeless.
It turned out not one asshole I think with my own – I found such a lot in the garbage among the homeless.
a1ice red bongacams