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– Zoya Albertovna belatedly realized that Dimka played her trite.
– You are a well-educated guy.
so that I no longer heard! – Well, what, Zoya Albertovna, am I wrong, or what? It was necessary to fly a thousand kilometers, so that upon arrival he immediately buried his phone.

I would sit at home – I would have hit the phone at home! What – am I wrong? – Well, you are right or wrong.
in any case, you need to follow the speech! Agreed? – Agreed, – Dimka smiled, demonstrating his zeal to Zebra.
“Well, well,” Zoya Albertovna looked at Rasim.
– How, Rasim, your mood? – Normal.
even great! – smiled Rasim.
-Dima does not offend? – Zoya Albertovna said playfully, looking again at Dima.
“No,” Rasim also looked at Dimka, and Rasim’s smile became even wider.
– Everything’s OK! – So that’s great! So boys, so.
dinner today will be at seven o’clock, because at fifteen seven all are going downstairs – in the hall.

No delays! There I will talk about the program for tomorrow.
All clear? – I see! – at the same time – in two voices – Dimka and Rasim responded, and because what happened with them synchronously, unintentionally well-coordinated, they exchanged glances and immediately laughed; Zoya Albertovna, shaking her head, smiled – it turned out really “in one voice”! – You have my phone.
Rasim drove my number? – Zebra looked at Rasim.
“No,” Rasim shook his head.
– Now Dima dictates – I’ll kick.
– Good.
So, boys, without delay – no one will wait for anyone! – summed up the zebra, leaving the room. real dad and daughter on webcam
– In half an hour we are going downstairs! And I will come again at eight hundred and eighth – I will see how they are doing.
The zebra came out, closing the door silently, and Dimka and Rasim, looking at each other, involuntarily at each other – at the same time – smiled.
cool it all began! Dimka’s dick in those few minutes that the Zebra was in the room, weakened a little, having lost its sweetly aching fossil, the acuteness of excitement passed – and Dimka, looking at Rasim, thought that it was good.

it’s good that Zebra appeared – she knocked and entered, like the guardian angel of Dimkin’s happiness, without letting Dima make obvious stupidity! Love is reckless – and the person who is in love, sometimes in the frenzy of his love, ceases to understand how the one whom he madly loves can not share his feelings, the person in love sometimes loses his sense of reality, and it begins to seem to him that the power of his love is that not answering his love is simply impossible.
at some instant, Dimka seemed to think that if he embraced Rasim, Rasim would take it appropriately – he would respond with a hug to the embrace.
Yeah! Do not appear Zoe Albertovna – and it is not known what would happen now.
“moron!” – Dimka thought about himself, only now realizing how close he was to destroying the incipient relations with his own hands; and I also thought that there is no need to hurry, it is not necessary to force what comes by itself.
“will definitely come!” – in a state of joyful euphoria, Dimka thought, not knowing how exactly this would happen, but being fully confident that it would happen.

because it simply could not have been otherwise — now that they were together! Dinner was so-so – mashed potatoes, fried fish.
some kind of casserole, and more – on the cake.
compote or tea – by choice.
Rasim was sitting separately from Dima, and he was sitting behind Dimka’s back, and Dima, sitting at the same table with Vova, Tolik and Serega, listening to them, saying something himself, every now and then caught himself thinking that he wanted to turn back I want to see Rasim.
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