big granny webcam He was nice and pleasant, and the next day his friend began to laugh, saying that you grabbed onto an incomprehensible shorty there yesterday whose bottom was lowered.
At that time, they almost quarreled over this, but in the future, all Sergei’s friends reacted to the girls in about the same way – they admired if she was brightly dressed, emphasized her appearance, and were disappointed if they saw an ordinary inconspicuous girl.
Sergey went down to the subway, and while he was standing on the platform waiting for the train, he touched his jeans once more with his hand.
The fabric was still wet, but the wet spot was not very conspicuous.

The young man began to study advertising on the stand.
As always, nothing interesting.
Only one ad out of the general range.
Something else was written there, but at that moment a train arrived and the young man interrupted the reading.
He entered the carriage and sat opposite the girl.
At first glance, he liked her very much.

It was such that they were in his taste, not bitches like Alena.
Sergey could not tear his eyes away from the girl sitting opposite him, and at the same time he did not want to embarrass her and to stare so openly.
Sometimes he looked away from the girl, when she clearly understood that he was looking at her, but as soon as she turned away, he immediately looked carefully in her direction.
“I wonder is she married or not?” – He thought, and immediately received an answer when he looked at her right hand.
The ring on the ring finger was not, then, at least, in the official marriage is not a member.
The girl was sitting a little restless, as it seemed to him, and she also smelled of alcohol a little, but it is clear that she was not used to drinking. webcam couple online
Yes, and it was felt that she was a homely, soulful girl.
Apparently, she sat somewhere with her friends, celebrated her anniversary, drank a little more today than she should, and now she gets home alone and is a little scared to go to her late at night in such a form, you never know who will meet at such a time.

Nowadays, there are enough inadequate people during the day, and even closer to the night, and even more so.
Sergey really wanted to get to know her, to offer to see him at home, but he did not dare – who knows what she will think and how he will react to his molestation.
Still, not the best place and time for dating.
When the driver said: “Carefully, the doors are closed, the next station” Electrosila “,” Sergei once again looked at the girl.
Something was wrong in her behavior, she seemed to be very worried about something.
He wanted to sit down with her and ask: “Is the girl all right?” , and only he thought about it, as the girl somehow squeezed strongly and fidgeted in place.
“She probably wants to use the toilet,” the young man suggested, thinking that he himself had just recently been driving in the car and wanted to go to the toilet.
If this is so, then he understood her very well and started worrying about the girl.
And the girl seemed to have stopped paying attention to him, and to other people in the car.

And Sergey has already looked at her point-blank.
He saw how she bent forward several times and there was no doubt that his assumptions were correct.
“Poor fellow,” he regretted her, apparently when they drank with her friends, she wanted to, but there were no toilets, I had to take the subway like that.
And now she goes, she suffers: Is she still far to go? If only she had to: “.
But the “Electrosila” girl did not come out, and Sergey, looking at her, understood that she was already suffering a lot, and could not help her in any way.
It is unlikely that she will be happy if he sits down to her and offers help or sympathy.
Therefore, he only looked at her and supported him mentally.
It was painful for him to look at her agony, especially when she actually lay down on her bag and closed her eyes: And then she straightened up and stood up: a large wet spot remained on the seat.
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