gay webcam show smiling to Svetusik, Dimka shrugged his shoulders: – I think that no one should obey anyone.
isn’t the world wonderful diversity? Svetik, all people are different.
you, me, Vovchik, Lerka, Tolik, Seryoga – we are all different! Why do you think that Lerka should be like you? We are not clones – we are people.
It seems to me that it will not be very beautiful if you do not call Lerk.

– Well, I think so too.
I agree with Dimon! I do not understand why you went to Lerka.
– hemmed Vovchik.
– Normal girl.
“Well, I don’t know, boys.”
I do not know! “Normal girl.”
– Svetusik, who did not expect such a turn in conversation, twisted her lips.
– She’s fucking normal, and we mean.
what – we, it turns out, abnormal? Yes? So do you think it works? – Yes, what does it mean here.
it turns out, it does not work – what does it have to do with it ?! What – do you need someone to oppose someone? – Vovchik – the guy, in general, a laconic one – frowned annoyingly.
– You yourself are now chasing a blizzard.
– In short, boys.
– Svetusik, for a moment, confused – sincerely not understanding the position of the guys, smiled tightly, trying hard to look like charming girls-models on the glossy pages of fashion magazines advertising the “modern lifestyle.” gay webcam show
“This, boys, is not my birthday, and it’s not me who decides who should be invited, but who should not.

I will tell about your desire to Marishka, and.
let her decide! “Yeah.
she will decide! “Dimka thought sarcastically, but he did not say anything out loud; Svetusik, saying that the guys did not plan anything for the evening, headed towards the girlfriends who were not far away, and Vovchik, looking at Dimka with a smile, said softly: Dimon, you are to blame.
you upset Svetka! – How did I upset her? By saying that no one should spread rot to anyone? What am I wrong? Normal people are tolerant to each other, even if they are not similar to something else – they are not similar to something.
the world is beautiful variety! And at Svetik, the whole world is divided into “ours” and “strangers,” and under this division it oppresses and bends others.
all this is boring! And boring, and stupid, and primitive.
cave approach! – Dimka, speaking all this, hardly concealed irritation.
– What is worse than Lurka Svetusika? That does not go with them on their shops – on “little shops”? – Yes, what do you mean by this, their shops!

Svetka put an eye on you.
same it is visible! – Vovchik, looking at Dimka, laughed.
– Fuck her and she will calm down.
– Fuck her undermined Tolyan.
if my memory serves me correctly, – Dimka, laughing, looked at Tolik.
– Tolik, damn it.
what is the problem? Today we will sit in a cafe, and.
Use you, Tolik, this moment – take a walk with Svetik to your room.
– Well.
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