ladykaya free webcam I was lying, absolutely helpless, but excited from the unusual and desirability of this situation.
He began to drive his cock to my lips, gently touching only the head.
When I moved forward to grab the head with my lips, he immediately pulled away.
So he tormented me for a couple of minutes.

Finally he let me enjoy my strengthened member.
I actively worked the language, polishing the head.
But moving your head was problematic, t.
I was still connected.
This did not bother him a bit, he began to introduce his penis deeper, reaching the throat.
Vomiting reflexes began to roll up.
I tried to relax my throat. ladykaya free webcam
He injected the penis into his throat, and kept him there until I began to get enough oxygen.
After going out and repeating again.
Then he moved me so that my head hung down from the edge of the bed.
I began to guess what would happen next.
He began to frankly fuck my mouth, eggs spanked in my eyes, drooling flowed and dripped onto the floor.
Here he left my mouth alone, and began to knead my buttocks.
But what is it? With two hands, he rubs my ass, and at the same time, his cock is sinking into my mouth.
Or not him? Oh god, he invited someone to fuck me together! What does he think he is about himself? What am I, a whore, in his opinion? But then he entered my finger in my ass, and I completely forgot about my indignation.
I was torn by the desire to surrender to these two males, to pump all the sperm from their eggs, to satisfy them.
This new member is bigger in my mouth than Sergey’s and thicker in diameter. ladykaya free webcam