police caught on camera having sex Eight-month need to buy the usual, with velcro, – said the first mother, – And, by the way, diapers for nursing over there, – the woman showed her hand at the end of the rack, – And those that you look at, in general for schoolchildren.
Not eight months old, but eight years old, ”Jenny giggled, looking at me.
Eight? – asked the mother of the toddler in surprise.
Is he something? – the second woman nodded at me.

Yeah, to him, – confirmed Jenny with a smile, – Tired that she was weeding the bed every night.
Ay-yay-yay, – the third mother shook her head disapprovingly.
How bad it is, – the mother of the nursery kid began to shame me unceremoniously. – Is it so difficult to wake up at night and go to the toilet? And what are you doing to buy diapers, and not his mother? – appealed to my aunt another woman.
Tommin’s mom is on a business trip now, ”said Jenny.“ She is resting from the boy.
“Clearly,” said the young woman.
Tommy left me for a month, ”explained Jenny,“ I don’t know what he is sleeping at home, but now I’ll wear diapers.

And at night, and in the afternoon.
Afraid that the day will begin to write? – Mother of the toddler smiled.
It is better to err, – said my aunt, – After two wet nights, I don’t know what to expect from him.
Make me go to the toilet more often and the pants will always be dry, ”the first mother advised.
Not a bad idea, – Jenny smiled, – Well, Tommy, are we going to the toilet now? Do you want little? The unceremonious question of the aunt drove me even more into the paint.
And in large? – Jenny did not let up. busty webcam solo video
No, I said embarrassedly.
All red with shame, I continued to struggle with an unbearable urge, having absolutely no idea how to confess to Jenny that I have been wanting for a long time by and large – especially with these mothers.
You don’t want to? Asked Jenny with such a sly smile, as if she knew very well what was happening to me.
Instead of answering, I could not resist loudly farted.
Shame on you! – Jenny smiled mockingly, – Maybe we still go to the toilet?

I do not want! – I confusedly repeated.
Look at me! – Jenny grinned.
She put a large pack of diapers in the cart, and Jenny took a box of baby napkins from a nearby rack.
These do not take, – said the mother of the toddler, – They dry the skin.
Yeah, those napkins are bad, – the second mom agreed, – My was irritated by them.
Take better those.
The woman handed Jenny another box, which my aunt immediately put in the cart.
They probably also need a baby cream, ”Jenny said uncertainly, taking a blue tube from the rack,“ We’ll smear little Tommy with them during each change of diapers so that our baby does not have diaper rash.
It is enough to do it once a day, – the mother of the toddler has smiled.
Yeah, – another woman nodded, – I usually use my cream to get rid of diaper rash once a day – after bathing.
And when you change a diaper, it is better to smear it with not expensive cream, but with ordinary baby oil, – the third mother added.
Then you need to take it too, ”said Jenny.

And the powder, ”added one of the moms with a smile,“ If you are going to change your eight-year-old boy with diapers, according to all the rules.
From all sides he heard a discreet giggle, interrupted by my loud bunch.
How pecked, – Jenny smiled.
Straining with all my strength so as not to crap one’s pants, I felt a warm mass between my buttocks, realizing with horror that the worst thing had happened.
All red with shame, I furtively looked around – of course, all the women standing next to us stared at me with indulgent smiles.
“Through these pants should not be seen” – I thought in a panic, wondering whether they noticed or not that I was crap one’s pants.
He sulked very suspiciously, said one of the moms.
What are you crap yourself in? – strictly asked me Jenny.
No longer able to endure the agonizing urge for much, I finally gave up and began to crap again.
police caught on camera having sex