transit campbell river I really needed them, because my life was very different from the one I sometimes dreamed of.
But now I’m in front of you in the role of the author.
No no.
I do not claim to literary laurels.

And hardly anyone will consider me a professional writer.
And that’s not why I sketched these lines.
Just apparently the time has come, or from the awareness of loneliness, or.
I do not know.
And I’m just sure of one thing: what is described below is a reflection of my life, or, part of which is not visible to most eyes.
A number of small episodes that I experienced were left behind in my soul and which I share with unconcealed trepidation on these pages, where everything is stated as authentically as my memory allowed me. transit campbell river
Chapter 1.
Getting to know the unknown Beginning: Hi.
Chat? : Hi.
With pleasure! : My name is Dima, and you? : Very nice! Me – Andrew.
: Nice too.
Are you here for the first time? : Yes.
: And what brings you here, if not a secret? : Do you mean chat for gays ??? Probably, curiosity, and maybe not only: Intrigued.
: Is that so? Shemale? : Well no.
What are you.
Rather transvestite.
and even not sure: What do you mean, not sure? Change clothes? : Yes.
I love when women’s things on me.
: Class! What kind? : Yes, almost everything: panties, bodice, tights, blouses, skirts.
: Cosmetics? Are you painting? : And what about without it: Wow! : What are you talking about? : I have never come across this: Repels? : On the contrary, rather turns.
How do you look? Can you describe yourself? : Tall 185.
Athletic slim physique.
: Leggy means. transit campbell river