young boobs on webcam A couple of times I even turned on the monitor in order to make sure that she did not remove the bandage.
It was already late, and I wanted to sleep myself, so I mixed the sleeping pills into a glass of water and went down to the basement.
Hearing my steps, she immediately subsided.
I approached her and asked: – Do you want to drink? – Yes.

Boss, she replied.
I lifted her head and poured water into her mouth. busty teen asses webcam
“I don’t want to hear any more from here.”
If I hear – you will regret.
I knew that in ten minutes she would be cut off herself, like a light bulb, but the sooner she learns good manners, the better.
Returning upstairs, I went to bed.
A few hours later, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.
Going to the bathroom, I took a small bag from the cabinet and went down to the basement with it.
Amber still slept soundly, and I knew that she would sleep for another three or four hours.
A lot of preparation time.
I took off her bandage and put it on my back.
Apart from the shackles, she was completely naked. young boobs on webcam