young webcam tube By the way, from the moment he didn’t call, didn’t apologize and wasn’t interested in the state of health, which worsened with each week.
Oksana took her to the doctor, who later diagnosed her: pregnancy, 4 weeks.
Anya almost fainted when she heard this diagnosis, because exactly 4 weeks ago, she was raped by four guys.
The doctor also said that this pregnancy would be very difficult because of the stiffened internal organs (all the same, the dream on the cold asphalt made itself felt), but you still need to give birth by any means, otherwise then you may not have children at all .

Oksana began to protect her and led to doctors to be examined, tried to be everywhere, support her and even contain, but.
Once, when Oksana was at work, without telling anyone anything, Anya decided to visit her parents, and, rejoicing at the warm summer evening, went outside.
Suddenly – he sees, standing around the corner of the neighboring house Sasha and Kostya.

Anya thought that she should approach them and tell her that she is pregnant, because this concerns them all the same.
Hi guys.
– she mumbled sadly.
Oh hello slut! And we are looking for you here! Where did you go? We need you.
– Sasha asked with a worried look.
how air is needed! – Kostya echoed and the guys immediately laughed.
The girl looked away.
Boys, I have something to tell you.
It concerns you! What to say? What have you become so beautiful now? And where did you get so much money! It has become quite a slut, right? Earn now on this, it means.
! Here, look, Bone, what a dress her beautiful, light.
so ask to screw it up! – grinning, the guys began to lift the hem of the dress.
No what you do, take your hands off! – began to brush off their harassment Anya. webcam skype ubuntu
The guys pinned her back to the wall, holding his hands and began to paw her breasts roughly, and get into her panties, feeling her pussy.

Mmmm, shaved.
So, just slut.
And we do not give? We missed you! – Kostya grinned.
Yes you leave from me !! I came to you to talk! – Anya jerked and with her free hand hit Koste with a strong slap in the face, shouting: Help !! Rape !!! Oh, you slut, Kostya screamed, and with anger he hit her fist in the stomach, so that the girl screamed out loud, bent, and fell to her knees, holding her stomach.
Sasha goggled at Kostya and shouted: You moron, what did you do to her? I did not calculate the strength of the campaign.
Damn, already people started to run here! Valim, fast! – Kostya hissed.
and both rushed to escape.
Bastards, I’m pregnant !!! – the girl roared, holding her stomach, but the guys had already disappeared and did not hear her.
Anya was very hurt, tears flowed from her eyes, and droplets of blood appeared on the ground.
Arriving people called an ambulance, and she was taken to the hospital.

The doctors said that she had a miscarriage, and she would not give birth to 100% anymore, had a purge and after some time of observation, she was discharged home.
Anya was depressed, now the smile on her face could hardly be seen.
She thought how to live on? Not only was she brutally raped and humiliated, they also took away her only child, her krovino, the only continuation of their kind.
Yes, it is not necessary to hide, she honestly wanted this child in spite of how his conception took place, she wanted him only because she was her only child, but now she doesn’t have it, and also through the same scumbags! Now, if there had been no such rape, then she would not have been chilled, and would not have flown, and there would have been no miscarriage.
Everything would be different, she would have had a happy youth, a husband, a family, three children.
as she wanted, but it’s all because of these scum!

She won’t even find a husband for herself, because all men will ever want children, and she will.
she cannot make such a gift.
All life was in a moment spoiled because of all this! She was bad at home, had no one to share, she did not tell her parents, and only one person knew the whole story.
and this is Oksana.
Anya dialed her number, and in half an hour Oksana was waiting for her at the entrance in her car.
She was always there, she was on duty at the hospital, but she was afraid to appear in her eyes, thinking that Anya was avoiding her.
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