hidden cam amateur orgasm The next day, Aunt Lena found me when watching porn on TV, I certainly denied it, but she just said that it was normal at my age to have sex.
A day later, I accidentally saw my uncle and aunt having sex in the guest room on a new leather sofa.
I accidentally got up at night in a tulet and walked past as I saw them through the unclosed door naked.
My uncle caressed my aunt, then got up and I saw his big cock, and my aunt turned her back on him and bent, he penetrated her and began to make slow movements, and then fast and caress her breasts with her hands at the same time, and she caressed her pussy, but then her uncle began move faster and at this moment the aunt slightly raised her head and saw me, I quickly hid behind the door, but when I heard my uncle say that he would finish, I looked out of the door again a little.

My panties were soaked with excitement, and I continued to look, suddenly my uncle slid back and began to masturbate a dick over my aunt’s back, and then he stopped making hand movements and in the moonlight I saw splashes of sperm begin to fall on my aunt’s back, and then on my ass, after that, I quickly went to my room and lay down on the bed.

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After 5 minutes, Aunt Lena came to me and said that she wanted to talk to me.
She was in a bathrobe, but under him she was naked.
– “I know that you looked at us, it must have excited you? I am not angry, girls at your age should know everything about sex.
I know that you sometimes watch porn movies.
This is normal.
You know, for you now the best way to relieve sexual tension is to marshal it.
Through masturbation, the girl recognizes herself and her body, and this is very important in later life.
Anu-ka take off your panties.
“I crawled out from under the blanket and took off my panties.
– “Yes, you are all wet there.
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