liza owen bonga cams New year, for those who do not know, can not be postponed or postponed until later.
He must be met here and now in the hot embrace of his beloved caretaker.
It is good that there are parents, brothers and sisters.
They ? family, to meet with them the New Year? this is holy.

That New Year, I finally realized how important this is.
I think Lera-zebra was a little offended when I explained the situation to her and did not offer to come to visit my parents on the New Year, because they supposedly do not like guests.
Guests need a special approach, and their own and Olivier feed.
Lera-zebrochka gave me a farewell blowjob (she just had a heat), and sad went with a large sports bag to her parents in another city.
I didn’t even have time to carry it out, so I had to run to work.
Svetochka-squirrel, too, took my arguments without enthusiasm.
She said that in this case, she would celebrate New Year with her friend.

Svetochka’s parents divorced, and Svetochka didn’t have a friendly family as such.
I remember how she languidly trailed behind me along the corridor when I left.
But most of all I was surprised by the reaction of Daria the lioness.
I thought she wouldn’t even lead with her ear, and she lay flat on the bed, fallen, and burst into tears.
The first time I saw a queen of animals crying.
I tried to console her, but she asked not to touch her.
She began to weave nonsense about the fact that no one loves her, that she would never marry, that she was ugly.
I decided that it was really better not to touch her at such a moment, and quietly rolled out.
It was the most unhappy New Year in my life.
I missed the zoo.
Two days before and a week after I had nothing to do.
Calls to the cells did not bring any results.
Only by mid-January, the basic instinct prevailed over emotions, and our meetings resumed.

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In early February, I fell ill.
I was lying on my first day in my apartment, and then, when the temperature dropped to 37 and a half, I moved to my parents.
Mom promised to take care of me.
In the morning she fed me and went to work.
By lunchtime, the temperature began to rise again.
And then, as luck would have it, February 14? day lovers little animals.
In the morning I phoned out at the zoo, congratulated everyone, asked not to worry and lay quietly until the evening, until my mother came.
The temperature has already climbed under 39, my mother began to give me antipyretic pills.
And suddenly we hear a bell.
? Who could it be? ? says mom.
? I’ll go and see.
My father went on a business trip, my brother lived separately, so we did not particularly expect anyone.
Is that a neighbor could go.
Mom let the guest into the apartment.
Come on in? get out of the way.
I am lying, I think that the doctor has come.

Although we did not call.
And here comes Lerka.
In a tweed skirt, knitted blouse, white wool tights? dressed up.
On the street, minus twenty-five, and she flooded across the city after work.
Stopped at the door, my mother is embarrassed, in her hands a bag of fruit wrinkles.
And my mother immediately understood everything:? Now I will supply you tea,? and ran to the kitchen.
? Well, how are you? ? Lera came up to me with a guilty helpless look and sat on the edge of the bed.
? I brought you fruit.
? Thank, ? for the third day my throat ached like hell.
I almost could not speak at all.
Only wheeze.
? Here,? she caught herself.
? Lollipops for sore throat,? she quickly opened a new box and gave me a candy.
In the bag still fresh check lay.
? How did you find me? ? I hissed.
? I got a call from work.
We talked about something else with her, when the doorbell rang again.
A minute later, someone quickly jumped into the apartment, said hello to his mother, threw off his puff and jumped down the corridor to the hall.

Everything inside me sank.
Sveta cautiously entered the hall.
She also had a bag in her hands.
? Lera, this is Light.
Light, this is Lera,? I croaked.
The girls looked at each other in surprise.
Call again.
Dasha was the only one who immediately expressed a desire to visit me that morning.
I didn’t tell her parents ’address, hoped that she would take my rented apartment, make sure that I wasn’t home, and would go back and give me nothing.
But now I did not doubt that it was her.
Sveta and Lera, meanwhile, began to discuss what is best to drink with a sore throat.
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