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“Yes, don’t stop,” she mooed between her groans.
Her groan led me even more and I accelerated the pace.
At that moment, the door opened and the guys entered, probably hearing Lena’s moan and moaning.

They did not let words pass by us and settled on the couch and in the chair, as if telling us.
“Go on, go on, we will not interfere.”
Lena was approaching orgasm, her moan intensified, her eyes rolled.
Her hand began nervously pulling at the clitoris that was swollen to extraordinary size.
“Yes, yes,” she croaked, shaking with her whole body.
She was overwhelmed by a wave of orgasm, she threw her head back and made a long moan. anal dildo squirt webcam
I slowed down and stopped.
“Fuuuu,” Lena breathed, “how good it is.”
Get him out and let me lick my juice, ”she said.
I pulled the phallus out of a swollen pussy.
He was covered in dull mucus.
Women are differently arranged, someone allocates little juice, Lena was one of those who had a lot.
large reproductive organs, juice in large quantities.
I myself most passionately wanted to lick her, drink her sweet orgasmic discharge.
But I fulfilled the requests of the woman, I brought the phallus to her mouth, and she began to eagerly lick it.
All licked with him, she was so fascinated by oral sex that began to swallow him.
Her hands touched my buttocks, as if accidentally touching my anus, she touched the partition between my pussy and anus.
Then she tore her head off the artificial member, went down below and touched my tongue to my pussy.
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