webcam no mic Nadia had already experienced the unusual pleasures of anal sex with Aristov, when she tried not to fly during their nightly pleasures.
So, when he tried to catch a cool ass of his future wife’s girlfriend, and even with her permission, Stas slowly entered her taut hole with delight, but also carefully and richly smeared with Ilona’s nimble fingers, he was in complete pleasure.
Gently and with pleasure crushing the gentle elastic buttocks of Nadi’s silky ass, Stas realized how lucky he was – two such gorgeous young women were given to him! And Nadia was surprisingly comfortable – the member of the general was thinner than the “sturdy” Aristov, he easily entered her ass and gave her pleasure, especially since Nadya soon even had an anal orgasm! Both of them, and Nadia and Stas, were delighted! Soon, all this “holy trinity” was soundly asleep, being delighted, but each in its own way – Stas was pleased, like any man who had Ilona, ​​who was next to her friend, Ilona, ​​that her plan was a complete success, and Nadya, that for these The days have received incredible pleasure from violent orgasms and now she will obviously become pregnant by the general, which, as Ilona insisted, was not cheating, but encouragement!

In the morning everyone woke up early and began to gather – the driver of the general should arrive soon.
And the general himself received a new pleasure from the contemplation of half-naked beauties, who were taking off their white panties and stockings and putting on their uniforms and everyday underwear.

Well, the cunning Ilona, ​​seeing a small mound on the trousers of the general, flexed before him on her knees and, pulling down the zipper, deftly tucked a member of Stas into her mouth. st croix river webcam
And rightly so, not to go to him with such a “change” on trousers with stripes.
Having miraculously finished in Ilona’s skillful mouth, the general could figure out that such a skill is achieved through years of “training”, but the general was not an analyst, but simply enjoyed it.
So this Monday, all three were dozing in the backseat of the service Mercedes with such satisfied faces that the driver of the general, glancing in the rearview mirror, was only surprised.

Of course, he had some ideas about this, but it was better to keep them to yourself – the general was terrible in anger.
And now the general was delighted – what a wonderful mouth and tongue Ilonka, for a long time he had not received such incredible pleasure! And in the river, having completely naked Nadia and being naked himself, and even with the permission of Ilona, ​​he got an incredible delight! Ilona was glad that she had managed to solve her problem and that she was on time.
and so deftly substituted her ass to Stas – so that Stas himself felt about how his future wife gave him and with pleasure.
Nadya was in complete delight, sweetly napping and gently stroking her tummy, clearly feeling the spark of a new life inflame in her womb, which accepted the nature of the general.
And the more so because Ilona is firmly convinced that this encouragement is from the general to her friend! Like any woman who had a feeling of motherhood, she was happy with her future pregnancy, because pregnancy is not a disease, but simply a new condition of a woman, according to the writer Valentin Pikul.

And what stormy orgasms she experienced after the wonderful caresses of Ilona and Stas! And Ilona was a little in a stupor, thinking how could she be in the evening, suddenly Stas would like closeness! But here she was helped by the harsh prose of the service – after lunch, Ilona flew in the General’s official car to Lipetsk!
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