webcam teen hot I rolled over.
Kostya started massaging my back.
He did it quite skillfully and I was able to relax a little.
Gradually, his hands fell on my ass.

I felt with my hole his finger smeared with something cold.
He began to lubricate my ass from the inside, and I even started to like it.
But he Kostya removed his hands, and after a second, I felt his fat cock near my hole.
“Now it will happen” flashed through my head and I tried to relax my ass as much as possible so that it would not hurt much. webcam teen hot
But it was not there.
A sharp pain shot through me when his head came in and I screamed.
Kostya stopped and waited until my hole got used to it, and only then continued to enter.
Further it was already easier, although I still hurt with every movement.
When Kostya felt that it was impossible to continue entering, he began to move rhythmically, and then it really hurt me.
I groaned with every push of it, but as the pain subsided, a feeling of bliss grew.
My dick, too, began to fill with blood, I already screamed with pleasure, began to move my ass to Kostya. webcam teen hot