best mac compatible webcam Venus breathed.
– And still very hard, you want to touch? – replied her wife.
She didn’t have to ask my Venus twice for a hand and started nagging her right in my little wife’s mouth, emboldened and having mastered the second hand she took my wife by the head and started to put it on my dick while trying to pull her head like can go deeper into my cudgel.
It was evident that his wife liked that a big, strong woman was behaving like a son who was the last whore, and I admitted that I liked it.

– I wonder how deep this monster can get into your throat? – asked the hostess wife, she just shrugged.
-Let’s check! said Venus.
With these words, she, like a fluff, picked her up from the floor and sat like a child in her hand and carried it to another room where there was a large writing desk.
Putting his wife on the table upside her head, she hung her down a bit to form a straight line.

Approaching the table, with the help of the hostess, I began to thrust my dick down the throat of my shmakodyavki, we did this until she began to choke and we had to stop.
Venus took the ruler and measured the part of the trunk that remained free, only six centimeters remained, which satisfied her curiosity.
“I want to see how much you end up — in a tone of unbearable objection,” she said.
I pulled my dick out of my wife’s throat, the hostess took him in her hand and started nagging him with passion, I soon finished, so much I did not finish nirazu, I literally poured my whole face and body from head to foot.
After such an orgasm, I collapsed on the armchair next to me.
My wife also wanted to get up and go to wash herself, but Venus did not let her do it, do you want to smear the whole house for me before you reach the bath? – she asked with indignation. – Let’s lick all yourself! – she ordered her.

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There was nothing left for my poor slave how to collect sperm from her face and body and lick her fingers.
When she finished this, Venus asked her a question from which my dick rose again, I wonder, and you only suck the men so well, or can you do it with women too? – I can-answered wife.
Without further ado Venus took off her swimsuit, I almost finished the second time seeing her naked.
A huge clit a few centimeters protruded from its shaggy hole and stuck out like a small dick, and many people do not have that amount of pubic hair on their heads! Having laid his wife in the bed as she lay, she walked over to her and stood over her face and crouched on her huge hairy cunt right on the face of my little wife.
Grabbing the hair of my wife, the hostess pushed her from the edge of the table to her convenient distance.
Still holding her hair, she pulled her head to her vagina and literally shoved her whole face into her hole, while she squeezed her powerful thighs and if I didn’t know that my little wife’s head was between my legs, you might think that she stands and just touches her furry pubis.

My wife simply could not be seen between her legs, her hairy pubis was clearly visible, her strong, muscular legs covered with thick hair and her wife’s head was completely tucked into a huge vagina.
It took about two minutes, I began to worry that she had not choked there. People caught on camera having sex. Venus apparently thought about it and unclenched her legs for a few minutes and still holding her hair pulled her head out of its hole.
The little white head of my wife was all smeared with the juices of the hostess and could barely be seen with a white spot against the background of huge, hairy legs and pubis covered with black thickets.
After letting her breathe for a few seconds, she again hid her head between her legs, this went on for forty minutes, and finally Venus had finished.
Dressed, all the discharge in the face of his wife was finally born, thinking that it was all over, she smiled.
But our hostess did not think so, putting her with her fullness on the table, she ordered her mouth to open and, without another word, began to urinate directly on her face.

From the unexpectedness, she began to swallow everything in big gulps, when Venus finished urinating, she gladly poured her clean! Seeing all this my dick swelled to unbelievable sizes, Venus smiled at me and beckoned to her finger.
I went.
Turning to me with her huge, hairy backside and still towering over the face of my wife, she asked to insert my hose into her darling, which I gladly did!
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