chloe amour webcam In order not to do something stupid, I closed the box and looked in another pair of neighbors.
Everywhere there were magazines! In this room there was a real warehouse, as if someone had robbed a store and laid down the loot here until better times.
For a moment, I even imagined myself as an unknown robber in a raincoat and hat riding a van, and bundles of magazines fall out at one of the open tailgate.
Suddenly, I realized that I was excited.

My hands were shaking, my breathing was slowed, and it felt like I had a fever.
I knew this feeling – it was worth leaving before it was too late.
I took the bag and left the room.
But after only a few meters, I looked around and went back.
Hands and stretched to the magazines, and I took a dozen, stuffing them in a bag.
Now you can leave, and I read in a quiet place! But my legs would not obey me.
Moreover, the hands themselves pulled out another magazine and began to leaf through it.
I looked at these photos and could not stop.

Typical porn stars with big breasts fucked in all holes, showing in the most seductive angles.
These photosets were interspersed with lesbian shots, where the same powerful blondes licked each other and rubbed their pussies.
All this was accompanied by lecherous signatures, which I was even ashamed to read.
Now my pussy flowed.
I was flipping through the magazine and barely restrained not to start masturbating.
You need to go, you need to go.
I put down the magazine and even moved away from the boxes.
But instead of heading for the exit, for some reason I began to rummage through the cabinets.
I do not know what I wanted to find there, more magazines or something else, but I could not stop.
The shelves were empty, I opened the door behind the door, but did not find anything except dust.
Then I began to open the drawers, but even there was nothing, except a couple of magazines forgotten by someone. cyber sex cam
However, opening a large door, I felt like a famous thief who had reached the treasure cache.

Only instead of stacks of coins, gold candlesticks and silver bottles here stood a dozen vibrators and anal plugs.
They all stood exactly in two rows, gleaming with silicone, and looked really enticing.
And above on an unpretentious coat hanger some kind of yellow fabric hung, in which I did not immediately recognize the swimsuit.
I saw these in porn, but like this close – for the first time.
The swimsuit consisted of two strips of cloth that were connected on the back and seemed to barely cover the nipples.
I wonder how he keeps at all? I touched him – he looked completely new.
I figured it a bit – it must be me.
What is he doing here? Is this some kind of fetishist refuge? But why is the laptop still there, why is dust everywhere? It was all very strange, but I am simple.
stood and looked at this swimsuit.
That would be to try it on.
How will I look in it? Trying to calm the trembling in my hands, I once again touched the cloth.
Around anyone, you can just take it with you.

But if it is someone’s? I get that I’m stealing.
I was so excited that I lost the ability to reason logically.
This swimsuit was here, and it seemed to me that I could not exactly carry it away.
In addition, from this house I was so excited that I just could not get away from here.
Not knowing what I was doing, I began to undress.
She took off her clothes, panties, even shoes.
I felt that the floor was amazingly clean for such a place, but now I cared the least.
I had a fever, but, having undressed, I did not feel the coolness, only more trembling and excitement.
I froze, feeling like a light breeze caressing my hot body, and took a swimsuit.
I thought that I would be tormented for a long time with him, or he would just hang on me like on a hanger, but as soon as I put it on, he sat perfectly.
It was almost unbelievable, but he seemed to be meant just for me, lay down so that I almost did not feel it.
I stood and still enjoyed the breeze that slid freely through my body.

But no.
I perfectly felt this fabric wherever it lay on my body.
Two strips awkwardly, but unexpectedly reliably lay on my swollen nipples, rubbing them with each movement.
They went down to the pubis, where they did not connect, as one might expect, but skirted my pussy, leaving her completely open, and went to the anus.
Here they merged, and with one strip, firmly plunged between my buttocks, they rose to my back and lay down on my shoulders.
It wasn’t even the main thing.
I felt the clothes on my body, minimal, but the clothes, but at the same time remained naked.
My pussy felt strips of cloth, but the juice flowed freely along the legs, bypassing the swimsuit.
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