french real mother and son webcam When once again I came to visit Aunt Sveta, I even looked at their wooden toilet with the proud look of an understanding person and then suggested that here Valyusha no longer remained outside the door, but entered inside after her mother.
The toilet was combined into several nearby wooden houses, into 3 compartments with deaf partitions between them, but with a single cesspool.
Each compartment was noticeably larger than our restroom, with a wide platform in front of the dais and heavy, tight doors.
The only thing that was exactly the same was the hole, and it is not surprising that Vale, as I was already sure, was difficult to get into the hole here.

Yes, and the old barely noticeable stains near it confirmed my guess, but in our dressing room there was not even a hint of such specks.
The last short episode of this story happened a few months later, in the fall, when we were already putting on warm clothes before going outside.
Somehow hesitated with dressing, I went out into the courtyard a little bit later Valyushi, as always more agile.

As I came out onto the porch, I saw her return from the alley leading to the lavatory.
A little thought, Valya with a mysterious air suddenly offered me.
– Let’s go, I’ll show you something! Very intrigued, I followed her to the toilet.
Valya stopped at his door and pointed to the edge of an inclined shield covering the cesspool next to it.
– And I peeed here side by side, without even going to the toilet and no one saw me! Indeed, at the border of the shield one could see a wet spot of irregular shape that quickly dried out around the edges, and the wooden bar on which the shield rested was damp.
Immediately I excitedly imagined a girl who, having lowered her warm gaiters and panties, sat down, turned her back to the shield and was going to pee for some reason on him. iamdeedee s bio and free webcam
Obviously, warm pants prevented her from bending correctly, and therefore the trickle fell not so much on the shield as on the timber at its edge and the ground in front of it.
That is, she missed!

Most likely, she was afraid of this, going to the toilet, and at the last moment did not dare to disturb his cleanliness, which her grandmother so carefully monitored.
If Valyusha wanted to pee just on the ground nearby, then she would not aim at the shield on which we usually poured water from under the washstand.
But, apparently, she decided that a wet shield would not confuse anyone, unlike the puddle near the toilet.
And – a little bit did not hit.
Frightened by the grandmother’s possible reaction, Valya wanted to justify herself by saying that the toilet was clean! It was here that I caught her eye, although I was not the best addressee for her excuses.
Quickly realizing this, I gave my excessive excitement a stupid question.
– Well, you did not wait for me! And you do not want to write more? – Of course not! – the girl answered with indignation, – Why would I wait for you? And in general it is a secret! There was disappointment in her look.
“And why did I admit to this fool, my grandmother still talks.
“I frowned, because in fact I understood everything perfectly!

But – with whom you talk on such topics.
So, it is Saturday.
Vika fussed from the very morning.
In the bath, she carefully shaved and drove me into the bath, too, shaved growing hair on my body.
While I was after washing, she collected a large bag of things.
I managed to peer out of the corner of my eye that she put several pairs of stockings and tights, shoes, obviously of my size.
Noticing me, Vika gave me tight tights, den under a hundred.
Dear! You promised me to wear my underwear! Put them on please for me, it is so exciting to know that my husband is in tights! And the panties? Come on today without them! Pantyhose so tightly wrapped my legs, and even shone, I admired his legs.
I noticed that a hole was made opposite the anus, but did not ask questions.
As well as the fact that Vika is dressed for the dacha more than strange.
White transparent blouse, short skirt, black fishnet stockings and white hb socks that I gave to me.
In the hallway, the wife hinted that she was waiting for the promise, and I kissed her ass felt the taste of anal lubrication.

The road to Alex’s dacha passed through the forest plantations, and turning into it I drove a hundred meters.
The road was blocked by a mini van.
A man came up to my car and took out a pistol, ordered me to leave the car.
We were shoved into a mini van.
Well, my dears got caught! Now you have to pay for everything! And they drove us somewhere, handcuffed them at the back of our hands.
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