latina webcams big ass After some discussion, the girls began to carry out the sentence.
First I got a flog from Irina Igorevne: she took the belt by hand, came up to me, unceremoniously bent my chest on the table and laid my hands behind my head.
– I will not reinvent the wheel – only I heard and shots fell on me.
The first five I endured with firmness, and then began to moo and moan.

The girls strictly warned me that if I screamed, I would be silenced with my shorts or padding.
After the end of the spanking, I was again allowed to take a normal body position: shame broke me, my dick stood like a parade, and the girls, satisfied with themselves, contemplated the whole picture of the execution with enthusiasm and poignant comments.
The next Victoria Maksimovna came up to me and I almost felt stunned: she managed to go outside and bring several branches of the tree.

It was a whip.
Then she told me to kneel and put my head between the legs of the beautiful Angelica, who strongly clamped my head off with her lovely legs. free voyeur sex cam
After two or three blows, I howled and started screaming.
As you later realized, I did it in vain.
Veronica let down her lace panties (made it so that I could see) pulled out the pad and put it in my mouth open from the pain, calmly, but took the tape and taped my lips.
Victoria gladly began to continue beatings.
I moaned and squirmed, but strong legs held me back.
The bum burned after whipping with rods like from burns.
But my torturers went even further – they sat me down on a chair and began to take turns in my arms to cause unbearable pain to a protruding penis and whipping my ass.
– I think it’s enough for today – Veronica smiled mysteriously.
-Now, thank us all and we will let you go.

“My lady,” I began, “I will execute all your orders, but don’t beat me anymore.”
– Then crawl on your knees to each mistress and kiss the feet, lick your shoes and thank for the punishment.
Burning with shame, I slowly knelt down and then on all fours and crawled to the feet of my ladies.
I regularly licked the shoes and sandals of my classmates, kissed my legs on their orders, and thanked me for spanking.
It seemed to be no end.
Suddenly, Veronica’s voice sounded to me: (Virtual sex with real mistresses! – good advice) – I think it’s enough for today.
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