live teen boy webcam I was allowed to call her back, and I reassured Redhead as best she could that Leslie and I were fine.
God, how her face shone, how her eyes sparkled when she, crying, hugged and kissed me and Leslie.
I realized with amazement that I missed her coolly and even cried too, and Leslie also somehow suspiciously squished her nose.
To celebrate, we days, three did not get out of bed.

The first order came in a month and a half.
My curator gave me an order: to steal documents from the office of a European politician.
Understandably: a person works from the side, all suspects have an absolute alibi.
Leslie and I carefully examined the attached documents and flew to Frankfurt.
The car was waiting for us in the parking lot.
Three days of observation confirmed the information.
On the fourth night, I entered the office, opened the safe and took the required papers.
A quick look at them made it possible to understand why they needed to be kidnapped: the documents proved the involvement of the politician in drug smuggling.

From now on, he will be hooked by the Academy.
Just in case, I made copies of documents, and maybe they will come in handy.
And a nice little thing: in a few days a five-digit sum arrived at my account.
It turns out that this work is also well paid.
Aylin reacted to my business trip disapprovingly, but, having learned the details, she became terribly angry.
Do you understand what you got into, girl? – she hissed. live teen boy webcam
Redhead would love to scream, but was forced to keep secrets.
I didn’t get involved, honey, ”I replied, stretching out on the bed,“ I was sucked in without asking my consent.
And you can not do anything.
The alternative – a bullet in my head, to her – I nodded at Leslie, with the rapture licking my legs, – and they promised you to break all joints.
I had the occasion to make sure that the promises there are able to fulfill.
Once hitting the hands of this organization, it is almost impossible to get free.

Aylin couldn’t say anything against that, but she just grumbled just to have the last word left for her, and then joined me and Leslie.
I will not talk about all the tasks, there were many.
In Hong Kong, it was necessary to remove an overly curious police informer; then in Chicago to throw dirt on the intractable politician, then to provide the wiring of illegal immigrants, by undermining the clapperboard.
There was a lot of noise and smoke, a couple of cars were damaged, a cloud of policemen flew off, and more than a hundred illegal immigrants successfully crossed the border.
I remember the attempt on one businessman who somehow angered the organization.
He and his family were locked in a house and burned.
I should have prevented the approach of the fire engines if they appeared earlier.
Thank God, I didn’t have to intervene, the fire signal came later, and the firemen were late.
After that, I thought about leaving the organization.

But how? My file was kept by the devil knows where, I had no opportunity to find it.
In the meantime, my good faith in the performance of tasks has brought results.
A gray-haired gentleman came to meet me.
We are pleased with your work, Madeleine, ”he said, puffing on a cigar.
– Therefore, you are entrusted to develop and conduct an action.
– He handed me a flash drive, got up, bowed and left.
I remained seated, as if I had a dusty bag over my head from around the corner.
This is what I did not expect, just such an order.
Slamming a stack of brandy, I took out my laptop and began to study the information.
There could not be two opinions: either I work well, or myself.
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