webcam anal girl vk The torturer went up to his crucified mother and carelessly patted her cheek.
– Well, slut, dryuchka continues.
First of all, he pinched and strongly parted her big, fleshy lips.
Then the executioner, taking a one-sided syringe from the table, he put it to the large clitoris of an elderly woman and pulled off the piston, the victim gave a stifled moan, but that was not all, the load that was hanging freely between the woman’s legs was put on the piston and at the same time pulling the syringe, stretching the victim’s clitoris.

Taking a set of needles, the sadist, with undisguised pleasure, began to stick them, under the groans and cries, into the full thighs of the old woman.
The owner secured the electrodes on his mother’s large, dark nipples.
An elderly woman watched in horror as her son stuck the plug from a small, black appliance into the socket.

Attaching the wires from the electrodes to the device, the sadist took it in hand. webcam anal girl vk
With his thumb of his left hand, he regulated the current, and with his right thumb, he pressed the button.
The torture began.
The old woman writhed and jerked from the blows of the current, her body arched from the wild pain, but the executioner was ruthless.
Not paying attention to the screams and groans of his victim, he continued to torture her.
The torture lasted for about an hour, the torturer then reduced, then increased the strength of the current, then pressed and released the button quickly, then kept the button pressed, watching the reaction of his victim.
Several times, an elderly woman wet herself from the pain, several times, she lost consciousness, but the executioner revived her and continued the execution.

Finally, once again pissed, she finally turned off, losing consciousness.
The executioner removed all the devices from an insensible victim, took out and wiped the needles from her thighs, and then untied and lowered the old woman to the floor, leaning against the stairs.
Approaching the table, the man began to take and place new adaptations on the floor in front of the exhausted woman.
Taking a sliding stock, the sadist bent over his victim.
Hooking up the stock hooks on the old woman’s anklets, he very wide, with retractable rods, spread her legs and locked the rods.
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