webcam big bay This previously unfamiliar sense of power over someone else’s destiny and life, was pleasantly burned by a strange, unknown high.
As a result, after long discussions and altercations, the girls agreed on the candidacy of Polina Tumanova.
Polina was a quiet girl, timid and shy, she even answered lessons uncertainly, as if she was afraid that she would be beaten for the wrong answer.
She had sad light gray eyes and light brown hair, which she collected in a ponytail.

In the lower grades, she had health problems, and she often spent months in hospitals.
As far as was known, she lived alone, with her mother.
It was also rumored that she had some kind of tragedy in her family, but nobody knew exactly what.
She was very thin, with a fragile figure and a small breast.
Our young predators laid their eyes on this girl.
Nastya, who was a class leader, made a list of duties so that Marina and Polina had to be on duty in one day.
The girls are well prepared for the operation to enslave Pauline.
They looked forward to the day, and finally it came.

Marina and Polina started to clean the classroom, and Nastya stayed behind, like for a company with Marina.
During the cleaning, the girls slyly winked at a friend of their friend and from time to time gave a meaningful glance at the bag on the desk. webcam big bay
Finally, Marina could not stand the whole game of cat and mouse, she went to Polina, and hugged her tightly.
Polina froze in an unnatural posture, a mop with a roar fell to the floor.
Having lost her speechlessness, Fields stared with astonishment at Marina.
But Marina did not waste time, she greedily dug her lips into her neck and began to knead her chest.
– Well, why are you scared stupid? I didn’t know that women can love women, Nastya commented on what is happening.
– Come on, don’t be shy.
Polina mumbled something in reply.
Meanwhile, Nastya had already launched Polina’s hand under her blouse and was squeezing Polina’s hillocks.
– Oh, how sweet you are.
Sisechki are small, pretty, – Marina whispered languidly.
Polina woke up from a stupor, and easily pushed Marina away.

With anger and childish naivety, she looked at the girls and mumbled in perplexity: “Yes, what are you doing: what are you doing: enough for you: enough for already: enough for“ Are you pretty, we are just starting, ”said Nastya sharply and flashed her eyes in her eyes light.
– Give it to me or baby, – with these words Marina firmly grabbed Polina and kissed her on the lips.
Polina desperately tried to escape, but in vain – Marina was much stronger than her.
– What is a baby, if you do not want in a good way, we will be in a bad way.
We will educate you, as it should, – said Nastya and took out a knife from the bag.
“So a goat, if you squeak at least, I will finish you off so that my mother won’t recognize you, did you understand?” Immediately after that, Paul stopped beating in Marina’s tenacious embrace and froze, staring at the girls.
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