webcam cute tube Some time later, she told her aunt that she was too tired and wanted to sleep and sat with my eyes closed on my cock, letting me gently swing her and caress the clitoris with my fingers.
Arriving at the dacha, we first unloaded things, my mother and aunt began to cook dinner, and at this time.
But that’s another story.

I have a very good friend, his name is Sergey Sh.
We studied together from the ninth grade, together we finished school and entered the same university, the same faculty.
With him, we are almost inseparable friends.
On duty (studies, classes – call it whatever you like) we needed to undergo a medical examination, without this we would not have been allowed to go in for physical education.
They sent us all in a stream to the third building on Victory Avenue, the former kindergarten building.
There the crowd gathered the most terrible, the whole first course.
It should be noted that there are many girls at our university, but a terrible shortage of beautiful, especially urban ones.

Although there is something to look at.
We go along the corridor, to the “measurements” office (height, weight), we stare at the girls – all the girls at the faculty of finance and accountants, and only guys go to the programmers (if the girl goes, then it is difficult to accept her for the girl.
Quickly we pass the whole faculty measurements.
Now it remains only to go through a therapist, to complain about health, that would give admission to classes (or wrote out a certificate of disrepair).
But if the “measurements” all pass pretty quickly, then a decent line-up quickly gathered to the therapist.
We, as the most nimble, took a position at the door and do not let anyone.
Everybody is very keen to go home, once – but we stand right at the door, even though our turn is to go through a therapist and the last. webcam cute tube
The whole thing is that in order to get into the office to the therapist you need to push through our crowd.

And the crush is very strong, no one wants to leave last, therefore, oh-oh-oh.
Seregoy and I are standing opposite each other, right in the center.
It is through us that all those who go for inspection must pass.
And then the voice of a physical instructor is heard – “First for an inspection – girls!”.
And we have nowhere to go, we are trapped.
The first one squeezes a plump, fair-haired girl with a small breast.
He clings his booty to Sergey, his chest to me – through her head I see his pupils dilate and his lips whisper.
From feeling soft, warm and delightful, even through breast clothes, my erection begins.
Strong, merciless – a member quickly and strongly straightened, causing me both pain, and refined pleasure, mixed with shame and embarrassment – has anyone noticed? Right there, without giving a chance to catch my breath, he goes, pushes his elbows, squeezes ass.
This turned her face to Sergey, pressed her elastic buttocks to me – to my hot cock, to my hands, which I quietly spend on her thighs.

The crush is getting stronger, it is pressed against me, delivering sensual erotic and physical pleasure.
The torture is just beginning, Sergey and I have to “try” practically all the girls of our university.
Everything changed – the elasticity of the chest and buttocks, the color of the eyes and hair, the temperament – someone, making his way into the office, joked, someone just snuffled silently under his breath, trying not to notice the erect members huddling in them.
With each new girl, the tension grew more and more, I was already on the verge – I wanted to finish, pour out the divine fluid to freedom.
Yes, and Sergey, regularly lowering his hand down, straightened his embarked “boyfriend.”
For me, everything ended up on a tall brown-haired woman, with a tight backside – passing between us, she put her hands on Sergey’s chest, pressed herself strongly against me – and, standing on tiptoes, gently sank down.

I poured out, feeling nothing more than shaking legs and hands around me.
Later, resting from the “inspection” aside, Sergei met a girl from the Faculty of Accountants.
He liked her a lot, although for me, an amateur.
Low, red, with a square face – but with straight legs and beautiful breasts.
His acquaintance continued a week later – at the institute disco.
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