hairy teen webcam tube I hit my back with all my might.
– What happened, Vadim? – I asked in a shaky voice, trying to cover a bare chest with a towel.
– Who are these people? “They came here because they want you,” he said dryly and aloof.
– What are you saying ?! – Be a smart girl and fuck them both well! I was speechless and stopped thinking.

It seemed to me that now I would faint, but suddenly I heard Vadim’s voice again: – Calm down, Helen, everything will be fine.
Vadim got up from his chair and helped me up.
I clung to him and cried.
– Honey what happened? Get those scary people out of here! – Calm down Helen.
All is well.
Vadim gently hugged me, wiped away tears, then lightly threw up and lifted me up in my arms.
Then he carried into the bedroom.
There still lay the one in the headdresses.

Vadim put me on the floor and pushed me towards the bed.
– Do not be silly, Lena.
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I wanted to rush out of the room, but this ugly, bald man with a protruding member picked me up and dragged me to the bed.
I tried to resist, but all my efforts were in vain.
This man’s grip was dead.
– Vadim, for God’s sake, help! Deliver me from this freak! – I shouted.
But my “lover” stood in the doorway and smiled mysteriously.
“Nothing will happen to you, Lena,” he cut off hard and he closed the door to the bedroom.
These words paralyzed me.
The man in the headdresses raped me first in the usual way, and then repeated everything in a perverted form, – It hurts me, I can no longer! – I shouted, but that didn’t worry him much.
From my screams, he is even more bitchy.

When the door opened, it seemed to me that this was Vadim, and came in order to pull me out of the clutches of this freak.
But I was wrong.
By the bed was the same man with whom Vadim was talking in the kitchen when I ran to him, hoping to find protection.
He did the same to me.
It was not a nightmare, but a wild horror.
I closed my eyes and fainted.
When I woke up, the rapists attacked me both.
I already did not understand what was happening to me, but the bullying did not stop.
Waking up once again, I saw that I was alone in the bedroom.
It seemed to me that all this was a dream.
But the body ached with such terrible force that there was no doubt – this is reality.
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