hot dance on webcam I turned on the speakerphone, and began to listen.
The music was too loud, so the voices were not intelligible, only individual phrases were heard, but laughter.
After a while, I realized that while in the garage they just drink and there is chatter.
I prayed that Natasha somehow put the phone so that it was better heard.

She seemed to hear me, and the sound was just awesome.
(as it turned out, she just opened her purse and put it on the table).
Then I will give as much detail as possible everything that I heard and naturally remembered.
So for accuracy, I can not vouch, I will say only that all this lasted more than an hour.
-And now I offer everyone to drink with Natasha for brotherhood, surely with each in turn.
– Right, come on, pour it.
-Oleg, you’re out of your mind, pouring to the fullest, and in general, I will drink brotherhood only with you.
– Okay, come with me, and to the bottom.
(Then there was a clinking of glasses and a small pause) -OOO!

Cool, I also want to, Oleg, do not be a miser.
– Men, I do not mind, now we pour and it will be your turn Michael.
-And that nobody already asks? -Natashenka, please, come on, have a drink with the guys, otherwise they will beat me, and it’s time for all of us to switch to “YOU” so that everyone will be at ease.
-Okay, just do not pour to the fullest.
– What are you, here for one sip.
-Well, Misha, now you.
– For friendship with such a beautiful woman !.
-Class! Where are you so beautiful learned to kiss? – Teachers were good.
– I don’t doubt, but what did they teach you? – A lot of things. wife masturbating on spy cam
– Bear, stop digging, Nata, now with me.
-Guys, give a little rest.
– Now let’s have a drink and smoke.
Lech, stop sucking for so long, give the girl a little rest.
-And I’m not tired, what a good and affectionate boy.
Suddenly the connection was lost.
Then I will tell you on behalf of my wife, as she later told me.
When everyone had drunk with me on brotherhood, the boys vied with each other and began to pour compliments in my address.

Lyosha, by the way, he was the last one with whom I kissed, he kisses cool, it works so tongue that it captures the spirit, invited me to dance.
We began to dance, and Misha and Oleg looked at us and smoked.
When we danced, Lyosha started kissing me again and started trying to touch me everywhere.
At first, kissing me, he stroked my ass with his hands and at the same time strongly pressed me to him.
I felt his cock in his jeans.
I involuntarily began to cuddle up to him, and rub against this mound in his pants.
Meanwhile, Lyosha quite frankly pulled up my skirt, and began to push his finger into my panties.
In the dance, he seemed to have turned me to his friends on purpose so that they could see everything carefully.
Honey, you know how I start when I touch the back of my finger.
Can you imagine what I felt then? I got more and more, and he caressed me and caressed.
-Men-I heard his voice.
– But Natasha is completely wet.
Probably really wants! -Natasha, do you want something? -Yes, I want to -But, after all, we are not alone, and nowhere to leave, what to do, probably will have to fuck with the peasants.

How are you? I said nothing, and only rubbed my chuck about his pants.
Unable to restrain myself, I began to unzip his pants.
I increasingly wanted to feel the real member.
And when I finally with my hand, having pryed off his panties, took hold of this trunk, I already did not understand anything.
Then everything was in a fog.
I remember how I knelt and sucked Lesha, and the other guys came up and began to knead my breasts.
I also unbuttoned his pants and began to jerk their members.
Then I sucked them one by one.
They put me on cancer and started fucking me.
I was slapped on the ass and I did not understand anything.
I do not know how many times I finished, but when they sat down to smoke and drink a little, I realized that I was all filled up with sperm.
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