kristal bongacams private But about this another time, well, if you like this story.

Upon arrival at home, I settled in St. Bongacam 30. Petersburg, almost enough money for a small apartment in a residential area, I did not have to take a lot of credit, got a job at the office, as a manager.
Life went its own quiet, routine pace.

After treatment in America, my anus healed and regained its former elasticity, so the dildo 3, 5 cm again gave me pleasure.

Weeks went by, months went by, sex life was absent, only at home in the evenings I played with an artificial phalos.
I didn’t want to go to parties, I didn’t want to meet the same in the net, although the SPB city is quite big, but still the village, and I really didn’t want to be recognized in the old image of a porn actor, so I let go of a small beard and mustache.
One fine evening, while walking along the tourist routes and enjoying the beauty of the city, a man came up to me from behind and in English with inexpressible delight and surprise shouted: “My God, this is Ivi !!! Didn’t wait to see you here, in America you are not enough, where have you disappeared?

It was an American, unfortunately my fan. kristal bongacams private
I had to confess and we went anywhere to sit.
Having drunk a little in a small restaurant, I suggested to continue the communication in his room, since in Russia two men will miss it freely.
On the way, we jumped into the store, took another drink, and I secretly bought a razor.
Having risen in the room, I immediately dived into the bath, washed and shaved off the facial hair, the priest and the scrotum, I always shaved.
Having decided not to dress, I am absolutely naked out of the shower, I must please the fan.
While I was washing, Steve, that was his name, lounging on the couch, watching videos with my participation.
Professionally wagging my ass, I stood between him and the TV, facing the TV, bending my back and pushing my buttocks apart with my hands, I bent down with the words: “Look at me live.”
Gone with happiness, Steve, immediately clung to my anus tongue.
kristal bongacams private