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In spite of his talkative things, he tried not to spread about what had happened, so only my wife and I know this story.
Well, now you too.

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Eighth of March I preface the story with white verses by Sveta Litvak who read it on the Internet.
Here is what is written about her: poet, prose writer, actionist, artist.
To my shame, I do not very well understand who the actionists are.
Explanation in the internet: in short, the creators of action.
Shareholders declare: “We want to find the points where modern art comes into contact with the ritual, where a new authenticity is born.
And, of course, to create a space where truth will prevail – a true word, gesture, sound, feeling. ”
Well, okay, figs with them, with actionists.

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They are neither better nor worse than illusionists, exhibitionists, satanists, and moderators.
Do not think that Sveta Litvak has all the poems about this.
She has “about it and about that”, about a bit of everything, ironic, sad, tender, hooligan.
But in the erotic (and even in porn) story, it is just the poems about PRO THIS that are relevant.
Actually, this is not even a whole poem, but an excerpt from the blank verse, where there is room for all manifestations of life.
Another poem of Sveta was the basis of the written story.
I decided to experiment and write a story in the first person, and on behalf of the Girl.
I think that my attempt is doomed to failure, but I want to take a chance.
It is said that a man cannot truly understand a woman, her inner world, thoughts, feelings and actions.
It is even claimed that Lev Tolstoy wrote the novel “Anna Karenina” by his wife, Sofia Andreevna.
That is, they hint that even “such a lump, such a hardened humane” and could not cope with the image of a woman.

Where we really, in that case.
The story was conceived back in 2008, but the circumstances were against me, did not have time by March 8, 2008, and put it off until 2009.
The holiday has come, on March 8.
In the morning I was experiencing some kind of rise, the forebodings of a miracle squeezed my chest, which quite often squeezed both gentle and rough, male hands.
(Squeezed me often, in different places, well, for different places.
In particular, breast, pope, tummy, thighs and pubis were given).
Hot waves rolled below the abdomen, as if the phallus was already there.
A phallus was there.
Oh, he has been there many times! There were also male and female fingers, tongues, bananas, cucumbers.
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