bongacams biglips I thought.
Tonight I had nothing to do and the parties I love.
– What time does it start? – Everyone will start gathering by 20:00.
– Ok, I’ll try to come.

Nothing like “I would be happy if I succeed” and a sweet smile, she just nodded, turned her back on me and sat in an expensive car.
Chapter 2 I decided to wear a short blue mini dress, 20 cm above the knee.
She braided her hair in a high tail, put on her makeup and wore long chained earrings.
Is ready.
Already sitting in the car, I realized that I did not know where to go.
After 2 minutes I received a text message.
There was an address.
How did she know him ?! Okay, then deal with this.
After 15 minutes, I was already there.
Not so far.
I drove up to the house.
Pretty impressive.
But she seemed to have been presented not with an apartment, but with a house.
I got out of the car and slammed the door.
Two-storey house in front of which was located the lower terrace.
On her in the chairs sat six: three girls and three guys.

Adelia noticed me and, without taking her eyes off, slightly shook her head in an inviting gesture.
She introduced me to the guests: “Elena is my friends, Zhenya,” she pointed to a blond boy of about twenty, “Masha,” a girl with red hair, our age, “Dina,” a blonde much older than us, about thirty, “Denis,” 22 —23 years, —Misha, —black, over thirty.
– Nice to meet you.
– I smiled.
No one smiled back.
This is strange.
All this is strange.
Why invite me to a closed party, especially since I don’t seem to be welcome here.
Everyone is sitting and the chairs are busy.
No one was going to get up to give way or bring another one.
I was standing right in front of them, they were just looking at me.
Nothing to say.
This went on for about ten minutes.
I was embarrassed.
I began to shift from one foot to the other, which was unusual for me.
Suddenly, Adelia clapped her hands. connect webcam to phone
Loud cotton.
A young girl of about twenty in the uniform of a maid appeared from nowhere.
Only she was too defiant.

The girl was carrying a tray in her hands, and when she bent to put it on the table, they became visible to me, from under her skirt, sexual lips.
I looked away shyly.
Adelia clapped her hands again.
The girl knelt and dutifully bowed her head.
She lifted her skirt to the waist and held it without letting go.
I was shocked, but more I felt sorry for the girl, she was humiliated, but she did not mind.
So a few minutes.
Misha was the first to break the silence.
– Marie, why do not you take the pose number 4? The girl obeyed without question.
Quickly undressed, got up on all fours, ass to us and arched to the maximum ass.
I was fascinated by watching Marie and did not see the others watching me.
Misha got up and went to the table, took a towel from the tray.
On the tray lay several lashes.
He took with a long handle and a small spatula.
He went to the girl and hit on the ass.
The girl immediately replied: – Thank you.
For the first blow was followed by the second, followed by the third.

This went on until I counted twenty-five.
Oh wow.
My hands sweat.
My legs barely held me.
– You can go.
Said Adelia.
Marie got up, took her clothes, a tray and ran into the house.
Misha came to me.
I took a step back.
Now I was a little afraid of him.
He smiled and pointed to the chair.
– Thank.
I sat down, and everyone else, except for Adelia, got up and went to the cars parked at the injection site.
She sat next to me and looked at me.
– Who’s that girl? – I asked quietly.
– Marie? She is my toy.
– calmly answered Adelia.
Silence again.
– Why did you invite me? Adelia got up and walked over to me.
She lifted me by the hand and put her on my waist.
She pulled closer and kissed passionately.
– I want you to be mine.
She whispered to my lips.
I pushed her a little.
– Your toy? – Not.
My girlfriend.
I breathed hard.
She took my hand and led me into the house.
We climbed to the second floor and went, as I understood, into the bedroom.
– Elena, will you be mine? I knew that I would regret it later, but she was so beautiful in these tight jeans and a short top.
– Yes.

She began to kiss me again, now caressing my chest.
She abruptly moved away.
– Get undressed.
– But.
– I mumbled.
– I said take off your clothes.
– snapped the brunette.
I obeyed.
Tugged off her dress, bra and hesitantly stopped at the panties.
– What are you shy? We are alone here.
I was worried about another.
I pulled off her panties.
My kitty was shaved.
– Sit on the bed.
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“Now bend your legs and spread them wide apart by putting them on the bed.”
But this is a little embarrassing, but exciting.
Adelia walked over and knelt.
– Are you virgin?
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