carmen calle webcam I even thought that the substance with which the criminal’s handkerchief was soaked had some hallucinogenic properties.
Will need to be examined, I decided.
Who knows what?
For two minutes I was taken to the parking lot.

During this time, it was still not very dark, but I could not find my car! Heck! Heck! Heck! Hijacked Or is it hallucination? I did not want to show my bewilderment, but the rest of the cars in the parking lot also looked unusual.
Thoughtfully, I put my hand in my pocket and felt for the keys.
Well, of course! You need to press the alarm button! I answered a huge black car.
It! My! A machine?! I was shocked.
The same policeman came to help me.
He talked about something with his.
Head and approached me with the proposal to take home.
It was a rescue, because I was afraid to approach this monster.
Suppose I lost my memory, well, let’s say, but why do I need such a whopper? To transport firewood, coffins, carry a cart? My handbag was found in the car, there was a purse with cards of banks I had never seen before, and my documents.
Where it was stated that I, Emma Goltz (that’s right).
Thirty-three years (alas, but also true).
Residing at.
hell – the address is unfamiliar.
And in the photo I am in some bright strange attire (very beautiful, though), he cannot be called a dress either – as if I were artfully wrapped in a large piece of cloth.

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Confused and already not hiding it, I stared at Hans expecting that he would dispel all my horrors with a wave of his hand or with some miraculous focus.
The guy looked at me sympathetically, and I also saw his fear.
He was afraid of me ?! Can I be violent crazy? The idea that I lost my mind no longer seemed incredible.
Or is this world distorted, not me? And how long will we stand? – I still broke the silence.
My words sounded harsh, but that was the reason.
Sorry, Mrs. webcam mature in nylon Emma.
Deciding that now it is better not to force things (anyway, sooner or later, I will find out everything or they will simply cure me), I silently transferred another feature of this evening.
Mrs. Busty webcam nude. Emma, ‚Äč‚Äčthis is necessary! We rode in silence, I wanted to turn on the radio, but.
Yes, I once again got scared.
In general, my life consists entirely of such small fears.
Starting with the fact that I was afraid not to meet my boyfriend, ending with uncertainty in making small decisions.
Besides, I completely did not recognize the neighborhood.
Everything reminded me of some kind of old film – houses of architecture unusual for me, came across huge, as if estates in ancient times.
When the car stopped and I, looking around, saw that we were in front of a house, also a stranger.

Hans went out and opened the door for me and immediately knelt down.
No, I’m definitely crazy! Madam, let me explain.
An interesting statement.
So the wretch is aware of what is happening? Now, when the man was on his knees and the light of the lantern was giving enough light, I had a good look at the sign of the police officer “Hans, junior assistant, property of Emma Goltz.”
That’s the number! Just do not punish me! I beg you! – He asked with real despair in his voice.
It felt like my mind swung wide as never before.
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