cyberlink you webcam But only now she noticed that her language is not only juicy, but also rather ambiguous, and in some places simply scabrous.
Nothing can be done, at that time everyone said so, relished the physiological details.
But what was Kolya! He was embarrassed, stumbled, missed the words.
But after taking the thick volume of the gift edition with him.

Apparently he wants to enjoy secret knowledge without hindrance.
Kohl went to the gymnasium for the evening, Viktor Ivanovich went to a corporate party.
I stayed alone at home and fell asleep.
And when I woke up from some noise, I half-saw that Kohl was standing near the bed.
Worth and somehow strange looks.
I noticed that I was waking up and quietly left.
Looked over: My God! I threw off the sheet in my sleep, my shirt had ridden up to the very thing where my legs were growing from.
Well, I had a video card, in which the pupil saw his governess-teacher.
Both of us then pretended that nothing had happened.
Moreover, I took up the rules of decency with him.

I took Chesterfield’s book “Letters to my son” in the library, there in almost every instruction to the young offspring how to behave at the table, in society, what is permissible and what is not.
I read him in the evenings, talk, correct his actions at the table.
– You are already big, you turned 15 years old, earlier at this age you got married and supported a family.
Therefore, you, Kolya, should behave not as a child, but as an adult man.
And then everything is the same as his father told him, but without abuse, ridicule and insults.
It seemed to work on him, he began to correct.
The boy grows up, becomes husband, but still asks me to read to him when he was already in bed that night.
Listens and holds my hand.
He was particularly struck by Chesterfield’s assertion that for a gentleman undeserved praise is the most terrible insult: “In the next letter I will certainly praise your school success. cyberlink you webcam
And it depends only on you – whether it will be an insult. ”
And again he began to ask about the author of the letters and his son: – Why is his mother not mentioned anywhere in the letters? – In his youth, Lord Chesterfield fell in love with a girl of common origin, who bore his son.

But he could not marry her according to class prejudices.
– So, he grew up with his father and he read books to him, told tales? – No, the son was brought up in a closed school, where he lived all year round.
His father only wrote him moral letters.
This again makes Kohl think of the betrayal of his parents.
– How could they do that! They did not like him, it would be better not to have a child.
– In those days, adults did not know how to protect themselves, because so many illegitimate children were born.
– I replied.
– It’s good that Chesterfield instructed his son, paid for his education and maintenance.
“No, he did not love him,” my pupil insisted categorically, “and his son could not love him later.”
Around one traitors and dishonest people.
Well, what can you do with it! Such a routine and ended the school year.
Kolya went to Slovenia for two months.
I received labor leave and another month for the absentee session for the third year.
Still, Viktor Ivanovich Rostovsky turned out to be a very decent employer.

MASHA GOVERNANTKA, SECOND YEAR On leave went to the village to her parents.
She helped her mother to prepare hay for the cow, she worked in the garden.
And every day I listened to the grumbling of a drunken father: – When will you get married? All pryntsa waiting.
Here wait, you will marry the tractor driver’s pryntsa, you will bully your shin under him, and he will beat you up in a drunken business.
Yes, the pleasures of life in the rural outback.
Here, indeed, a decent groom cannot be found even by a rich bride, which I will be in three years.
Not! To the city, to the city! I was happy to return to my room in the Rostov house.
While Kolya did not come from his Slovenia, he was intensively engaged in passing tests and exams.
Surprisingly, she passed on only fives.
Colina, class teacher Tatyana Ivanovna praised me very much: – You see, Masha, I was right.
You and learn successfully, and the pupil corrected your discipline, and you will earn a lot of money.

I knew the kindest Tatyana Ivanovna, a teacher with twenty years of experience, what I get from this teenager in puberty.
Over the summer, Kolya had grown a lot, almost getting his head taller than me.
Physical strength rages in a teenager.
To give her a way out, she advised Viktor Ivanovich to buy a subscription to the swimming pool.
And I took a subscription to myself, so as not to lose sight of the difficultly predictable child.
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