female masturbation spy cam The next day, Sergei drove Irina to eight to work.
She went on duty for a day.
And in the afternoon he received a letter from Lena.
“Master, from the very morning I have no panties on, and I wear a short skirt.

It’s one o’clock, but I already forgot to screw her up twice when I was sitting down.
I tick it off with a checkmark on a piece of paper that I stuck to the fridge.
In the evening, we will be at home with my uncle alone, my mother is on duty for days.
I’m a little scared.
But I like to carry out your orders, and I will be obedient.
Your toy.
In response, Sergey limited himself to just a few words.
He wrote that he was waiting for her report for the evening.
And before the end of the work, he sent her a task that would allow her to wear the collar at home whenever she wants.
She had to portray the cat.
He wanted to get home early, but, as always, the opposite happened.
Suddenly, he had to linger, and he drove up to the house at the beginning of the eighth.

Typing Irina.
She told him that Lena was all right and that she was waiting for him for dinner.
There should be no surprises.
Niece met him at the door.
In a simple white T-shirt, and a loose skirt, reaching to the middle of the thigh.
I asked him when to set the table.
She followed her mother’s testament, who believed that the man should be immediately fed when he returned home.
Having answered that he would take a shower, and would be at her complete disposal, Sergey went to change clothes. best video sex website
A laid table was waiting for him in the kitchen, and Lena was wearing a collar.
Placing food on him, she sat down opposite her plate.
I feel some tension after work, he asked Lena to get the wine out of the fridge.
Putting the bottle and wine glass on, she sat down on a chair, but immediately jumped up.
She lifted her skirt and then sat down.
He asked for a corkscrew.
Sitting back, she repeated her manipulations with the skirt.

Sergey grinned.
She had to get up from the table a few more times.
Each time, lifting her skirt before sitting down, she was embarrassed more and more, under his attentive gaze.
The wine went well, and Sergei poured himself a second time.
He said that he likes to eat wine with cheese.
Lena reached up, but he stopped her.
– Sit down myself.
And even so jumped.
She was completely embarrassed.
Even the tips of the ears turned red.
In small sips, Sergey drank wine and rested.
Lena was silent, gloomily picking an apple.
He looked at her.
– What are you nakuksilas? What is the problem? Keep it simple.
“You probably the devil knows what you think of me,” she was afraid to look up.
– What makes you think? What kind of fantasy? What is there to think about? The next task, do not sit on the skirt.
If there are no underpants under the skirt, then I would advise you to lay a towel on the chair.
That’s all.
Lena, without raising her head, got up and pulled out a clean towel from the drawer.

He did not respond to this.
Taking another slice of cheese, bit off a slice, chewed and washed down with wine.
– How did you guess? – Is it difficult, or what? He himself would have come up with such a task.
So piquant when a girl without panties.
– and? – she raised her head, carefully peered into his face.
– Your “And” is too significant.
Looking at you when you complete tasks I like.
Like to know that you are without panties.
Frankly, it excites me.
But, too, honestly, do not try to look under your skirt, or stick to you, or something else, I will not.
That’s your business.
You’re at home, so feel calm, like at home.
Otherwise, why such a house is needed.
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