gorgeous webcam Ira and I have known each other for a long time.
I used to like her, but then I was too timid youngster.
So we, in the end, and became best friends.
She had a good young, and she was happy with him, and I tried to help her in a relationship.

But it did not save me from his jealousy.
I did not want to lose Ira, and she did not want to lose me.
For this, we told Dima that I was gay.
We understood that he would keep this lie as a secret.
Years passed and their relationship grew stronger.
But our lie with Ira was never revealed.
I never had a permanent girlfriend.
Partly because I myself sometimes believed in our lies.
It was a beautiful April morning.
I woke up and, as always, I first checked the alerts on the phone.
Immediately my attention was attracted by the message that came at 3 am.
It was a message from Ira, with the text: “Kekitsu, dial me when you are free.
I have a very serious conversation.
“I woke up a bit and started thinking about what could be discussed.

In parallel, I finished all my morning procedures and plucked up courage.
After some time, I had a phone in my hand, causing Ira contact.
– Hello, Er, hello.
What did you want? – Hello! This is not a telephone conversation.
Are you free for the next 30-60 minutes? – Yes.
– Wait for me, bye.
After 25 minutes, my best friend was standing on the threshold of my apartment.
She never gave me so much emotion.
Fear and doubt fought with great joy.
Irochka, a slim brunette of slightly eastern appearance, offered me sex.
What I dreamed of since childhood.
Here it is – at a distance of 6 hours. free teen webcam porn movies
So where does fear and doubt come from? I could not imagine her alone.
For the offer was about threesome sex.
Of course, threesome sex is great.
But the last part of our trio and Ira thought I was gay.
– Koksik, do not be afraid.
He is straight.
We have such boring sex with him, and I trust you even more than him.
– And if at a passionate moment he thinks that “once – not.
“Considered? – Do not be afraid.

Please, very, very much! Ira was on her knees.
At this moment I imagined that in the evening she would get on her knees once more.
Just do not beg.
I was ready and she understood that.
Ira went home, and our conversation became for her second half the same secret as my natural orientation.
The official offer came to me closer to dinner.
Having a theater wrinkle and thought, I said to Dima “Okay, now I’ll come up”
After 30 minutes, joyful I was already met by Ira.
And to my great happiness, she was alone.
Our main male was late from work and gave us consent to warm up before his arrival.
And only from the very fact that my pants were already sticking up.
Now I finally enjoy my dream.
Ira very shy, but broke under my pressure.
Having started all the action in the hall, we moved to the bedroom, where I kissed her tender neck.
Her skin seemed to me the most tender in the world.
I felt her breath.
I felt how gently she pressed me to her.
Her nightie very quickly found herself somewhere in the corner of the room.

And my lips were very quickly on her tummy.
This gentle pen lay on my head.
After a couple of moments, my teeth were very beautiful panties, which she was surprised, but glad.
I didn’t really want to sleep with her.
I wanted to bring her to orgasm.
And my tongue helped me in this.
Cum, he caressed the most sensitive place, and then my girlfriend broke up.
She did not hesitate drove her pelvis.
I felt like she wants to get the most.
I was very surprised that this cute creature was so confident, and even brazenly, poked me in her pussy.
I was even more surprised that she put her pelvis in my tongue with her back hole.
She reached orgasm quickly, but I wanted to continue.
However, she lifted my head and laid me on my back.
Very soon I was lying without pants.
– Can I do everything I want? – Good.
But only.
I can count on a blowjob? – Sorry, the cupcake, but no.
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