granny black webcam sex Convinced of the sheen of her shoes, Olga pressed Artem’s face to the floor.
She took out a small fixture from the cabinet of the table, which by design resembles the glove on her hand.
– Pull out your ass and kick it! So well done.
Now your body is completely mine.

As well as your worthless penis and eggs, – with these words, Olga went back to Artem and put a “belt of fidelity” on the slave – a new piece of clothing lightly tugged on the stomach, wrapped the eggs in a leather bag with a metal mesh inside, and cocked the rings.

The belt was firmly held on the body and locked with a small key lock.
– Now look at me.
Do you want me to show you something? – Olga gracefully stood up and lifted the edge of the skirt. webcam girl model
Artem’s gaze showed the immaculate form of the Lady’s thigh, he watched her hand rise higher.
The other hand through the clothes touches the chest, so you can imagine how elastic it is, and so you want to touch it.
Pain, which is impossible to get used to, pierced the slave’s eggs.
Only this time the slave did not know when this torture would end, because the belt was securely fastened on his genitals.

For an eternity, his eggs received one after the other current shocks.
Olga enjoyed watching her property roll on the floor.
– Only 2 minutes.
Each time you get excited, the time of torture will increase.
Tell me, did you like or repeat? – Yes, Madam, I like it, I like it very much! – It is a pity that I do not have so much time to entertain you.
To be here in a week! Without clothes and knees.
And if you like it so much, then enjoy it, and I will go about my business.
Olga made a barely noticeable movement with her gloved hand, and a slave pierced the deafening pain.
Having a little admired convulsions and shouts of the slave, she left and slammed a door behind herself.
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