live cam girls anal It was obvious that she was very cruel and it would hardly be mercy from her.
Vika turned to her friend: Go into the hallway, settle down where you want, I’ll come up and show you the house.
The slave began to disperse the Mistress.
While he was taking off her shoes, she asked him: You did everything I ordered.

Yes, Madam, – Sergey answered, dropping his eyes to the floor.
How are we having dinner? I have already laid the table.
I’ll go, show Yulia the house, and you go to the kitchen and wait for us there.
While Vika showed Yulia her house, Sergey added the final touches to the table setting.
The girls visited the house and went down to the dining room.
Not a bad house for you Vic, I liked it, the main thing is that it is very cozy.
Yulia, don’t be shy with you as well.
Julia drew attention to the beautifully laid table, it was really a masterpiece, even for Victoria, it was a pleasant surprise.
Glitter of table gold and silver, devices made of the finest porcelain, beautiful glasses made of Venetian glass, candles in elegant candlesticks, bouquets of flowers, a vase with exotic fruits and much more gave the dining room the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

Vick, I see you have a special slave to teach you manners.
Yes, with the help of a whip and whips.
She laughed at her joke.
It went to his advantage, really, you did not deceive me, girlfriend.
The slave had previously removed the chairs so that the Mistress could sit comfortably.
Victoria, my congratulations, the table is really well served, there is not even nothing to complain about, now let’s try how to prepare your slave.
Victoria had flattering reviews from a friend about a slave, she had known Yulia for a long time, she almost never praised slaves, especially strangers.
Slave, start serving us, ”Victoria ordered.
Sergey decided to start the service with a guest. alex alexandrova webcam
He put her in the plate that she asked for and poured a glass of wine.
Then he did the same for his Mistress.
Well, what a meeting, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, ”said Vika’s toast.
For the meeting, – said Julia.
They took a few sips of wine and began to eat.
Yulia, having tried the food, said Vika: Indeed, your slave cooks tasty food, he, that professional cook.

No, he was a simple programmer, he worked at my company and decided to take my money, but he was quickly split, now he is working out his debt.
If not a secret, he stole a lot? Seven hundred thousand euros.
Wow his appetites, probably wanted to live richly.
He gave you the money back.
No, I did not return, no one knows where they are, therefore, it fulfills the debt.
He agreed to voluntarily become my slave until he worked out his debt to the last penny, and when the debt ends I shall decide for myself.
It is strange how it is not to find money, I would have knocked out of him a confession where he does money.
There, dark history, let’s better move away from this topic, and we will enjoy this wonderful wine and dinner.
Dinner is really tasty, the slave also knows how to serve, it is clear that the tone is very well schooled, the only thing that it lacks liveries is for solemnity.
Indeed, I didn’t even think about it, I have to buy him a livery for the future.

Friends, enjoying dinner, had a relaxed conversation, Sergey did everything he could, tried, he tried to predict any desire of the Lady, for tonight he did not make one mistake, he had nothing to complain about.
Having finished with dinner, Victoria ordered a slave: Fed us, now we want to have some fun.
Yulia, you wanted to find out how the slave suffers pain, now you will see for yourself in practice.
It is interesting to see how this pig will squirm under the blows of the whip.
The girls were already pretty drunk, and their sadistic nature demanded action.
The hostess again turned to her slave: It’s time to visit our favorite room in the basement.
Vick, and what is your serf, there is a collar, but there is no leash.
This is a huge miscalculation of yours, slave.
Where is the leash? But Madam, you yourself allowed me not to wear a leash, without special order.
Hearing these words, Julia rose from her chair, walked over to the slave and struck her face with a fist, then another.

Sergey did not expect this.
Blood was sweating from a broken nose and lips.
Scum, how dare you, argue with the Mistress.
Vick, he is badly brought up in you, I had a better opinion of him, and he is trying to sass his Mistress.
Victoria also rose from the table and began to approach the slave.
Her eyes were narrowed, her eyes were very evil and did not bode well.
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