office hidden cam sex video He was amazingly well built and beautiful.
His magnificent broad-shouldered torso, as if folded from muscles, in which it seemed there was nothing superfluous passed into a slender men’s waist and into the wide hips of his handsomely manly legs.
Like a diamond in the crown of the emperor, his carved body was decorated with dangling between his legs.
Now I was watching him in full view and I can say that it was the best specimen of the male genitals I had seen.

Oh, how many names gave the peoples and cultures of this sweet man’s pride, as if they didn’t call it: phallus, penis, ferrite rod or even a vulgar dick, only the admiration of the observer and the languor of women was heard in these odes and poems of the men singing the organ.
He was recently shaved and now rested on two magnificent, impressive-looking testicles, which were also shaved.
Apparently his penis felt his prey, and in the meantime, as his master was approaching me, he began to pulsate and sway on his bed, as if to say that now he would master all the openings of my body.

The head on the penis was bare, although it was not cut, just the foreskin was rolled up, exposing the beautiful large plum, which attracted to itself, offered to evaluate its ripeness and juiciness, promising to melt in my mouth.
He came up to me, and suddenly I felt how his cock rested against mine and they met, as if kissing each other.
He, like in the garden then, put his left hand on my back, the right began to feel my ass, and now his lips pressed against mine in the sweet delights of a kiss, now they met and behaved as if they had been waiting for this sweet meeting for many years . webcam recordings chaturbate
In the middle of the warm room of the hotel, two naked men stood and kissed each other, unnoticed by anything around.
The music outside the window died down a long time ago, the campers dispersed, some unknown wind drove a cloud from the sea and it diluted the heat of the evening with the freshness of summer rain.
There, the Tyrrhenian Sea was beating far away.

I went limp from his kiss, he caught me, and I felt the freshness of the sheet on which he gently lowered me with my back.
Now I felt his right hand on my penis, and my lips kissed my neck.
I wrapped my arms around his waist and pressed him to me, as if I was afraid that he would disappear along with the pleasure he was giving me.
My dick hardened in his hand.
Grabbing him with his hand, he pulled the skin to the root of the penis, tightening the foreskin.
Then, having grabbed the member by the naked head, he squeezed it with his strong palm, continuing to caress my neck and saying some words, I do not remember what he said, so strong was the pleasure that he gave me.
I groaned, all I could do was to caress his back with my hands and kiss the shoulder in front of my face.
“My favorite, my affectionate, my, my, my,” I whispered to him, “I beg you, do not stop doing this with me.”
Stop it? – he stopped kissing me and, looking into my eyes, smiled.
– How can I, oh my sweet!

After all, you love me so much, you want my love so much and you are ready for everything for me.
Oh my dear, my dear, – I was beside myself with happiness, – how can I, as I want to prove to you my love.
Come and play with me. ”He leaned over me again and kissed me on the lips.
Do everything for me, everything that I order you.
As you want, as you want my gentle.
– I moaned in response.
“Be my dog,” he whispered in my ear, “show me how much you love your master.”
Yes, yes, I will, I will.
Whatever you want! Everything! He pulled me out of bed onto a soft, even-flowered carpet.
And I sat down beside him, clasping his leg, You are my master, my magnificent master.
– I whispered, kissing his thigh, his erect penis trembled near my face, and I so wanted to try it to taste.
You are my faithful Giotto, I will call you Giotto, ”he said.
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