yhanais secret39y s bio and free webcam Ahhh.
So it is you.

is that Ksenia Eduardovna? And how much.
are you years old As much as it is.
Yes, I am Ksenia Eduardovna, I just don’t know if she’s the one or not.
And with whom do I have the honor? Uh?
Who you are? Damn, that’s got! I have never had such a stupid situation.
I barely restrained: it was very difficult to call this miracle in feathers Xenia Eduardovna.
I wanted to pat her on the crimson cheek, I wanted to ruffle her curls, and yes.
what is there to say! Stumbling, I explained who I was and why I came.
No, “just Valera” you will, when you leave the school.
So how are you patronymic ?.
So, Valery Petrovich.
Where is Andryusha? He was unwell.
Yesterday still sniffed his nose.
I decided not to carry him.
And what do you think he should.
And rightly so.
Let him recover; and we perfectly understand each other, I’m sure.
Valery Petrovich.
She got up and began to walk around the office.
I continued to stand: she forgot to seat me.
Her voice was shaking, although she tried hard to be strict and imposing: We need to talk.

About your boy.
See, he.
He’s in me, I lead his class, 4A.
And so.
He manifests himself strangely.
Very aggressive.
Especially to girls.
Although he is not so, because I see.
You know, like children.
especially at this age: in love – pulled the braid.
But something makes him purposefully torment girls, do them nastiness.
Just comes to sadism.
Uh You do not tell me here – I interrupted.
Do not interrupt, please.
Listen to me.
I tried to talk to him.
He is strange.
He does not make contact. busty cam sex
At first, he didn’t want to talk to me at all.
Just sat and was silent.
But then I spoke to him.
A little bit.
And he told me that all the girls are bitches, and he hates them.
I repeat literally what your son says.
Do you understand me? Where did he get this attitude? What do you say to that? And then I will say, Ksenia Eduardovna, my joy, – I say, – that I do not like it when all sorts of elephants are hung on my son.
If I don’t know him! You are doing it right from some kind of maniac!

What did he do to you? Well, how are you !.
I want to talk to you.
About your child! I, too, worry about him, they are all like relatives to me, he and mine too, a little bit.
No, this is not necessary! “It took me evil, I don’t know, I was directly enraged.”
It’s worth it, you know, it’s good for me as a daughter, the great tsabe, the “director”, makes a wry of himself.
– Did you bring him up? Did you nurse him? Diapers changed? So do not! At the very children will be, then you will understand what’s what! Not.
do not dare with me so! What a person you are! You.
– in her voice already rang tears, even though she tried her best.
– Do not you understand that this is not all random? You need to bring up a person, not a toy, but a person! Maniac, speak? And where did the freaks come from, did you think? Thought ?! On need to teach me how to raise my son! Teaches me! What do you know about this? Has she told her little letters — that is, home? Yes, you still.

Yes you are.
I fell silent because Ksenia Eduardovna suddenly fell into a chair and burst into tears.
Female tears, I can not stand.
I do not know what to do with them.
When a woman cries, I feel like a fool, and a bunch of shit at the same time.
what are you
Well, you, Ksenia Eduardovna? Well.
got excited a little, well, who does not happen? You this.
Do not be angry if something is wrong.
Ksenia Eduardovna! She sobbed so bitterly that I could not stand it and approached her.
She roared exactly like a little girl: sniffling and smearing all that was possible on the face.
please forgive me! I did not mean that.
here already all beauty has smeared.
Ksenia Eduardovna !.
Do you want me to get on my knees? I actually perched on my knees.
What do you mean?
so how
Forgive me, I did not want to.
– She rushed to lift me.
and we first touched each other.
yhanais secret39y s bio and free webcam