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– Semi-closed eyes, the girl sings dreamily: – “Kohl you gathered in San Francisco, weave your flowers in her hair.
“Listen, Kelly,” John said slowly, “I listen to you and I cannot believe that you, daughter of the sheriff, who froze his legs in the Ardennes, say this to me.”

The girl fell silent again.
When she started talking, the guy at first did not even recognize her voice – stern, over the years serious, with clearly audible traces of insult: – John Farmer.
We will argue with you soon, remember this !.
How long will you still reproach my father? Is it my fault that he was appointed sheriff after demobilization? Well, it was even before the acquaintance with the mother!
Do you think he was glad for this ?.
Yes, he would happily be a simple lumberjack in Montana, if not this winter in the Ardennes !.
You know how much my mother told me about all this ?.
– You did not understand me, Kelly !.

I just wonder: your father fought for America, and now you are so easy to tell me how to avoid conscription.
“Then those times were not, John,” the girl continued seriously.
– Yes, my father is a hero.
And I am proud of him and love him.
But I love you too.
And I understand that today he is wrong.
And our country is wrong.
And you can do quite differently.
Well, you too live in a free country — have you forgotten it ?.
– No, I did not forget.
But how can I know that my country is wrong? All around can not be wrong. cam 4 sex
– And how do you feel, John? Do not you think, and feel? – suddenly asked the girl.
And, while the guy collected his thoughts, she, as if answering her own doubts, said: “Well, you don’t think that only the fries from the China Town agenda burn?”
The world is too big, johnny.
And not only is your freedom in it.
But there is another freedom too.
And if your country is wrong, and you love it – what is your duty then?

Maybe open her eyes to this ?.
The guy did not find that object, and instead again pressed the girl to him.
Lips found her velvet, slightly moist lips.
She responded to the kiss, slightly closing her eyes.
Then, when the air was no longer enough, she broke away from his lips and, quietly saying “That’s right, Johnny.
we have lost so much time.
”, Slightly pushed him backwards onto the worn seat of the Ford.
As John had expected, his partner would not agree to remain alone at a gas station for even twenty minutes, despite the fact that there was almost no work on that day.
Phlegmatic John called him in the hearts of “cattle”, but did not become more detailed, as Dan did not bother him with the intention to find out what happened and why he needed to leave the city.
At about eleven, the Greyhound boomed nearby, and John, unwilling to, once again imagined how he stops at a bus stop, where a fragile girlish figure lonely under the hot Californian sun.

as Kelly gets into the stuffy salon.
how to choose a place (it would be nice if at the window).
as the bus gently drives off, taking the girl to the beautiful unknown.
He imagined – and his heart sank again at the foreboding of something final and irrevocable.
Towards noon, the sheriff’s car stopped at a gas station.
While Dan was in charge of the car, Sheriff Slipson glanced glaringly at John, as if reluctantly informed him that Kelly had overslept the daily flight and was leaving in the evening.
Then he turned around, got into the car and drove away.
All day, John flew like on wings.
No, he was glad not at all that the girl had overslept, but it means that she stayed in Loudoy for another day.
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