indian lesbian hidden camera What are you staring at? Stir your thighs, I’m hot, I want to wash and refresh myself.
I crossed the threshold of the shower room.
Girls too.
It was a little cramped.

But, the contrast of a cool shower and hot girl bodies pleasantly excited.
I gently soaped and stroked Lolita, and Mouse Tatiana.
As soon as I washed the gel from one or another part of the girl’s body, I immediately touched it with my lips or tongue, gently caressing it.
And it doesn’t matter whether it was an ear or sex lips.
While the girl was washed, there was not a millimeter left on her body, where I would not kiss or lick.
Tatyana, with the Mouse, everything was the same.
When Lolita, with Tatyana were refreshed, and enjoyed the coolness of the soul, they told us to go out.
Without wiping or dressing, we all went to the room.
Lola told me to go for wine.
When I was about to execute her order, she stopped me, and said that all my movements, with her, should only be in a “cancer” position, if she does not wish for something else.

And I dutifully obeyed.
My head was beating with shame that I, almost a fifty-year-old woman, fulfilled the vulgar wishes of this brat, and even with other girls.
But that was what excited me.
At the refrigerator, I had to, nevertheless, stand on my feet to get wine and wine glasses, under it.
And when I brought everything, Lolita laughed out loud.
What are you, aunt? What makes you think that you drink from a wine glass? Run to the kitchen, and instead of two wine glasses, bring two bowls or plates.
You, with the Mouse, will lap up of them, at our feet, like real bitches.
As soon as I did everything, the girl put the bowls, one between her legs and the other, between Tanya’s legs.
Drink, bitches, allow. indian lesbian hidden camera
I would not let you do this, but when you get drunk, you will become even more obedient.
We both began to lap up a cold wine, a dog.
At the feet of their mistresses.
And they cheerfully commented on it and caressed their pischiki.

When, in our bowls, nothing was left, they demanded that we “eat”.
This meant that we had to lick their excited vagina.
And we, with the Mouse, almost simultaneously, fell with our lips to the swag of their mistresses.
They both moaned and sighed.
But, Tatyana, she didn’t say anything, but Lolita, while letting dirty, vulgar words go to me.
She called me a nipple, a whore, a prostitute, a whore, and I still don’t remember how, but in the same spirit.
However, her words not only did not insult me, but, on the contrary, excited me.
I felt wet.
And my mistress, also entered into an intimate rage.
She moaned louder and louder, completely concealing her pleasure, and helping me with her hand, caressing her clit.
She flowed so hard that the entire crotch, and from her and my face were in her juices.
Young cunt, frogs, and even pubic hairs, were wet and glittering excitingly.
I admired this picture.

But, did not forget about their new responsibilities.
I caressed my mistress with my hands, tongue, lips.
True, I did not forget about myself.
One or the other hand, rubbed her lustful girl, who was also wet, to the extreme.
What happened with Tatyana and Mysh I almost did not see, but they, too, both moaned loudly and sighed.
Suddenly, Lola rudely pushed me away from myself, quickly got up and changed position, standing up with a crustacean in front of me.
She bent deep, exposing her excited slit back, and putting it under my lips.
Suck and lick me, bitch, until I finish! And I continued to work, widely pushing the appetizing buttocks.
The young bitch moved her back to meet me so that sometimes it was a little painful, because of the blows of the crotch on the nose.
But it was not often and could not overshadow the pleasure.
And, in a few minutes, Lolita finished.
She finished loudly, noisy.

With swear words addressed to me.
When she went limp and slid to the floor, I also brought myself to orgasm.
I convulsed, with pleasure, and my lady, unceremoniously, brazenly pawed me wherever she wanted.
Feet, the girl was pulling my breasts, put them on my stomach, put her toes, so that I would lick them.
From her orgasm, she was relaxed, and her actions did not cause discomfort, but on the contrary, excited.
Tatiana, with the Mouse, also finished at the same time, just for a moment, or two, later on us.
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