innocent cam teen forced to squirts After a couple of minutes, she jumped to a defenseless victim with a red-hot knife and drew a symbol just above his heart.
Kevin almost screamed.
Alina grabbed his chin and lifted her head.
– The letter a”.

I always wanted to do this, my sun.
Kevin wanted to scream from the insult and injustice – he is not a toy, how can you do this to a man? Flickering lights flashed before my eyes and a man walking unscathed under a hail of arrows.
“Easy, you can do everything,” Kevin decided that he would not try to understand what was happening.
Someday it will end.
Someday he will understand.
The next few hours turned out to be a nightmare for Kevin.
It was used as a piece of meat.
Albert tried his best to impress Goran and all those present with his skill of the executioner.
Kevin wanted to sob from the pain, but he held back, gritting his teeth.
There was no end to torture.
But the worst were those attentive warm eyes, watching how he was tortured.
When he lost consciousness, he was doused with cold water – it flowed down and crawled on the floor in a red puddle.

At some point, he realized that he would not take it anymore. skype webcam spy
Forces were running out.
Goran seemed to feel it.
– Albert, respect! I suggest to drink about it! All headed for the exit.
Goran shouted somewhere off to the side.
He poured the wine into a tall glass and handed it to Aline.
“I feel like a monster,” she said thoughtfully.
“Ha-ha, but you say it somehow uncertainly,” Goran laughed and added a conciliatory.
Take it easy.
You do everything right.
Without you, he will not be what he wants.
I can teach him to put up with physical pain, but you and only you – with mental pain.
Help him gain strength.
Only then will he deal with Abakar.
“But why don’t YOU stop him?” – He is my brother.
It is like fighting with yourself.
“You told me that he left the Fortress five years ago.”
Since you have not seen him? – Have not seen.
But I heard about his monstrous feats.
How many times have I written to him asking him to think again, the power he possesses is too great to be used for evil.
But the answer was always the same.

conquered cities and ruined lands.
– If you yourself could not oppose Abakar, why in all this time you did not pass on your knowledge to someone else? The man smiled bitterly.
– Alina, you see – The fortress is full of young, strong fighters.
None of them stood learning and stopped.
The fortress takes each, but gives strength only to the elect.
I am only an intermediary, understand? I can tell you which way to go to find something.
But only the fortress decides whether the student deserves this strength or not.
You must be patient and continue to play your part if you want to help Kevin and your people.
The pain subsided a bit and he enjoyed every minute of peace.
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