latina webcam masturbation I carefully removed the shard and laid it on the edge of the sink.
Seryozha watched all this with curiosity, by virtue of his modesty slightly drooping eyes.
– What has not admired yet? – I asked.
Serezha bowed his head and took an even more apologetic look, without, however, taking his eyes off my charms.

And there was something to see! The blood flowed not only along the buttocks and the entrance to the anus, but also over the pussy and already along the inner part of the thigh of that leg that was not bent.
I already somehow did not care: let him watch, just to stop the blood as soon as possible.
Running my hand between my buttocks, I clearly felt a prick on my finger and a sharp pain in the area of ​​the anus.
This is still not enough.
Obviously, small pieces of glass still remained in me.
I opened the locker door and pulled out a bandage, tore off a large piece and tried to wipe off the blood in order to get a better look at the wounds.

It only got worse, a sharp pain shot through me.
Wiping my ass, I again grazed a shard sticking in me.
In addition, I was convinced that this way I would not see anything in the mirror and would not be able to pull out the fragments.
I had to ask Seryozha to help me.
He squatted, took a bandage pre-wetted in water, and began to gently wipe the blood between his buttocks.
He could not do it successfully, t.
the distance between the buttocks was small and the bandage was not easy to enter there. sexy young teen webcam
Then I put my hands on my buttocks and spread them with effort.
My anus opened completely.
My open hole began to be clearly seen, around which formed a small convex annular zone in the form of a small donut.
Sergei began to wipe the blood from the buttocks, gradually approaching the cherished hole.
At the beginning of the anus I touched a wet bandage, I started, sat down even more, the hole widened a little more.

My movement just coincided with the movement of Serezha’s wet finger in my anus.
I oyknula and phalanx of his finger was in my rectum.
Excitement and a slight tremor ran through my body.
I felt the warmth of his finger inside me.
Pussy treacherously quickly began to moisten, I wanted to hand Serezha caressed her.
She wanted very much, to the quivering of the genital lips.
I almost finished.
Seryozha could not notice this, but did not take out his finger, and seemed to have stopped for a few seconds.
I felt the shiver of his finger and realized that he had finished.
Looking at his pants, I saw a big wet spot near a big bulge on my fly, formed by an excited member.
Seryozha tried to remove his finger, because of the strong excitement, she sat down even more, not allowing him to do so.
A thought flashed through my mind that this was my student and that this disgrace must be stopped.
I tried to lift myself up, but my finger went back into me again.

Seryozha interpreted my movements as a call to continue the erotic game.
The finger began to rhythmically go in and out of me.
I instinctively waved him.
I liked it and wanted to continue, but also with something in my pussy.
It lasted at least a minute, I finally flowed.
Seryozha, like a stone idol, did everything mechanically, without trying to somehow diversify his actions.
Maybe this mechanical, without emotion, can be cached, maybe the fact that it was done by my young student, maybe my revealed depraved appearance, maybe everything taken together influenced me so much, but I quickly finished.
Her buttocks squeezed tightly, not allowing Serezha’s hand to move, I froze for 10 seconds, made a low, throaty sound, and a shiver ran through my whole body at the same time as the pain.
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